What to Pack for Prague in the Winter

What to pack for Prague in the winter? It left us scratching our heads for quite a while. To begin with, winter travel always gets us a bit anxious since we have no concept of winter whatsoever in Mumbai. The most we’ve ever done is used a light throw at open air parties on new year’s eve or used a light sweater when we have a fever. The way we explain our weather to people is, hot hotter and hottest. Oh and humid. So we need to start planning for every winter trip well in advance, from researching the temperatures to planning what we’ll need to wear basis our itinerary. Charles does pretty well with the cold, but for me, more is always less.

Our list of what to pack for Prague in the Winter

We looked up the temperatures for mid November and it seemed rather cold with temperatures averaging at around 9 degrees C. We preferred to err on the side of warm and packed extra jackets and scarves and gloves but turned out it was a little warmer than expected during our first week and then dipped considerably during our second. So we were glad we were prepared.


Prague’s beautiful cobbled streets make for great photographs, but aren’t ideal for heels. I also realised after slipping on fallen leaves in the rain that soles with a good grip were just as important as soles with comfortable padding. (Those cobbled stones can really hurt with thin soles). Obviously you don’t want something frumpy, and obviously you do want a sturdy pair for the day and a fancier pair by night. I’m still veering towards the pretty ones with the heels, but have yet to gather the courage to buy a pair! I’ve been unhappy with the pairs I’ve bought on my travels so far but now I’ve discovered Lyst, this gorgeous aggregated marketplace and I’ll definitely be picking from their selection of great boots from some of my favourite online stores.
What to pack for Prague in the winter


Perfect for when it’s windy or you need that additional barrier especially at while walking around the city at night scarves also add a break of colour to a dark coat. It’s also a smart cheat to staying cozy while looking elegant. I love the fleece lined, infinity or loose thick and light cable knit styles.
What to pack for prague in the winter


I’ll be honest, I hate beanies, hats, caps or any other kind of headgear. It’s a shortcut to a really bad hair day, but when your ears are frozen and all you want is to cuddle up next to a fireplace, but you’re on a windy bridge and you can barely hear the wind howling around you because your ears are numb from the cold, you just slap on a warm woolen beanie. What to pack for Prague in the winter


While in Prague Charles was thrilled to find out the cozy fleece lined pockets of his new jacket while I was a bit disappointed to find mine only had a thin flimsy material. Why was it such a big deal? Because we’d been walking around with our hands in our pockets. No it wasn’t THAT cold, but the rain and wind did make our fingertips freeze a wee bit. And after a few shaky attempts at trying to be handy with zippers, the phone or the camera, I realised how important it was to keep the fingers warm. There’s so many thin and cute options these days with little touch pads for touchscreen phones.

Socks/ Tights

From saving me from nicks and cuts (boot zippers) to keeping your feet warm and cozy, to giving jeans the additional warm layer they sometimes need, to being the perfect thing to pair with oversize sweaters while chilling indoors, my socks and tights are a very very important part of any winter packing list.
What to pack for prague in the winter


Since the weather seemed like it was going to be cooler, I did carry a couple of woolen dresses and skirts to layer with tights. Didn’t wear them even once. Jeans are the way to go for something versatile and comfortable. A black pair works great for the city and nights out on the town while a classic dark blue pair works best for every day and if you’re out in the countryside. The fact that you can pair it with pretty much anything and create virtually any style of look makes it my go-to travel wear.
What to pack for prague in the winter

Layering is so important especially on days when you’ll be popping indoors frequently. Jackets that are too thick can start making you feel claustrophobic indoors, which is when a light sweater does the trick. I also found it convenient to sit on heated terraces for lunch or dinner with a sweater as opposed to a big thick jacket.
What to pack for prague in the winter


For a shorter trip, you just need two dark ones. One trench in a thick but light wool with button up high collars as well as a sportier rainproof one (like the pretty quilted ones with hardware we’re seeing in-trend these days). For longer trips, I’d also throw in a light colour so it makes it easier to pair and mix and match creating more outfits.
What to pack for prague in the winter

Packing smart:

Obviously you don’t want to overpack and then lug large suitcases around, wish you had more space for shopping or end up paying excess baggage. But you still want to look well dressed while you walk around and not repeat outfits in your travel pictures. I prefer to do this by carrying a bunch of elements in black, grey and white (also because it’s Europe and it suits my personal style). But you can work it to suit your style, by sticking to a mix of styles and multiples in plain colours. Do you have any tips on what to pack for Prague in the winter? Tell us in the comments below!


This post was made possible by Lyst. Opinions as always, are our own.

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