What to eat in Istanbul: Our favourite food and restaurants

Wondering what to eat in Istanbul? We faced the same dilemma. We’d never eaten Turkish food before, and while Sultanahmet can be a great area to stay by its proximity to all the sights, a lot of places can be tourist traps. Nonsense. We had some amazing experiences while devouring some incredible meals.


The traditional take on Turkish breakfast is quite interesting, and we were a bit flummoxed on the first day when we went to the dining room at the Ayasofya Hotel for breakfast. A selection of cold cuts, cheeses, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, breads, dry fruits and deep fried cheese pastries. Alternately, there are plenty of egg-based dishes like the Kaygana (an omlette) and Menemen (eggs fried in tomatoes) All of this washed down with a deep dark cup of Turk Kahvesi – a coffee that’s brewed with the grounds still at the bottom. Very important to remember not to down it to the very bottom or you’ll end up with the dregs in your mouth like me.

What to eat in Istanbul, Turkish Breakfast,

The breakfast spread at our hotel

What to eat in Istanbul, Turkish Breakfast, Kaygana, Yemek Kulubu, Turkish Omlette

Kaygana at Yemek Kulubu

What to eat in Istanbul, Breakfast in Istanbul, Turk Kahvesi, Turkish Coffee, Istanbul Coffee

Turk Kahvesi

Street food and Snacks

The street food scene in Istanbul is bustling no matter what the season. In the summer there are tourists walking around drinking cold glasses of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice while munching on all sorts of snacks. In the winter, the warmth we derived from steaming hot beverages and snacks on the street was such a welcome comfort. And did I mention, it’s actually possible to subsist on street food alone (that’s how varied and filling they are).

You must try these Turkish street foods while in Istanbul – Roasted chestnuts and the bagel-like Simit both sold off carts on the street, Balik Ekmek- sandwiches of grilled fish sold fresh off boats at the Eminonu Quay, Dolma- vegetables, meats or rice wrapped in vine leaves, Doner Kebab- a delicious sandwich of shavings of meat grilled on a rotiserrie, Lahmacun and Pide- the Turkish version of pizza.

What to eat in Istanbul, Street Food Istanbul, Roasted Chestnuts

Roasted chestnuts on Istiklal Caddesi

What to eat in Istanbul, Street Food Istanbul, Simit

A Simit stall on the streets of Istanbul

What to eat in Istanbul, Street Food Istanbul, Balik Ekmek, Eminonu, Fish Sandwich

Balik Ekmek fresh off the boats

What to eat in Istanbul, Istanbul food, Dolma, Vegetarian food Istanbul, Turkish food

Dolma at the Pudding Shop

What to eat in Istanbul, Street Food Istanbul, Doner Kebab, Turkish Food

Doner Kebab on Divan Yolu street

What to eat in Istanbul, Street Food Istanbul, Pide, Turkish Pizza, Sultanahmet restaurant

Pide at Karadeniz aile Pide & Kabab


While Istanbul has its fair share of gourmet and modern cuisine restaurants, I’d recommend the quaint family-style places that have some delicious eats. Since we visited in the winter, we found comfort in soups (like the iconic red lentil soup) and stews (from vegetables to lamb, they were all beautifully spiced with sumac and red chillies, and served with two different kinds of Pilaf – Rice and Bulgur) Istanbul is definitely at the top of my list for places to eat good lamb. There’s a Turkish version of ravioli with yoghurt sauce called Manti which wasn’t as bad as it sounded. A restaurant version of the Doner Kebab is the Iskender Kebab with thicker strips of meat and a tomato sauce over it, served with yoghurt. Istanbul is kind to vegetarians with plenty of options like the Kuru Fasulye (haricots in tomato sauce) and lots of eggplant based dishes. Being a coastal town, naturally the fish here should be great. But a secret a fisherman told us was that all the good catch actually comes from further North, the Black Sea. And do beware of seafood shops under the Galata bridge, the food is great, but they promise you a price and then rip you off when it’s time to pay.

What to eat in Istanbul, Turkish soup, Red Lentil soup, Food in Istanbul

Turkish soup at Bahar restaurant

What to eat in Istanbul, Lamb Istanbul, Istanbul restaurant, Sultanahmet restaurant

Lamb stew at Baran Ottoman Kitchen

What to eat in Istanbul, Restaurant Istanbul, Istanbul Food, Sultanahmet Restaurant, Turkish Lamb, Sarnic Restaurant

The succulent lamb at Sarnic Restaurant

What to eat in Istanbul, Bahar Restaurant, Restaurant Sultanahmet, Istanbul restaurant, Grand Bazaar Restaurant

The lamb at Bahar Restaurant

What to eat in Istanbul, Turkish rice, Pilaf Istanbul

The pilaf rice turkish style

What to eat in Istanbul, Restaurant Istanbul, Istanbul food, Turkish Ravioli

Turkish ravioli at Yemek Kulubu

What to eat in Istanbul, Restaurant Istanbull, Istanbul food, Iskender Kebab Istanbul

Iskender Kebab

What to eat in Istanbul, Restaurant Istanbul, Vegetarian food Istanbul, Kuru Fasulye

Kuru Fasulye, the vegetarian option

What to eat in Istanbul, Restaurant Istanbul, Istanbul food, Fish stew Istanbul

Fish stew under the Galata bridge

What to eat in Istanbul, Restaurant Istanbul, Istanbul food, Fresh fish Istanbul,

Grilled fish under the Galata bridge


We didn’t find too many “preplated” desserts, but there’s a lot of sweets in Istanbul. Decadently rich, syrupy sweet and usually laborious to prepare. Dry fruit filled layers of pastry with honey – bite sized pieces called Baklava, Locum (better known as Turkish Delight) and several other sticky goodies went down far too quick for us to contemplate the guilt.

What to eat in Istanbul, Sweets Istanbul, Baklava Istanbul, Spice Bazaar sweets Istanbul

Baklava at the Spice Bazaar


Surprisingly we found a lot of exotic drinks here as well. And not just the delicious glasses of fresh pressed pomegranate juice. Ayran- a milk curd drink to wash down the spices (similar to our Indian lassi), Sahlep – a steaming hot cup of some exotic spiced milky/creamy liquid helped out with our cold winter nighttime strolls. Said to contain secret ingredients, some of the revealed contents include Orchid, Nutmeg (just to give you an idea). And tea. Oh the teas of Istanbul. Steaming cups of black and sweet liquid gold in these gorgeous bulbous tumblers to warm away any winter shivers, stacks of colourful flowers, flabours and herb mixes. (Ended up buying way more than I needed).

What to eat in Istanbul, What to drink in Istanbul, Ayran Istanbul, Turkish beverage

Akmina & Ayran. Two of my favourite finds in Istanbul

What to eat in Istanbul, What to drink in Istanbul, Sahlep Istanbul, Winter drink Istanbul

Sahlep at Divan Yolu

What to eat in Istanbul, What to drink in Istanbul, Cay Istanbul, Floral Tea Istanbul, Tea Grand Bazaar

Cay or tea at the Grand Bazaar

Recommended Restaurants:

  1. The Pudding Shop (Lale Restaurant) opposite the Blue mosque was an iconic stop on the old hippie trail from London, is filled with memorabilia, a great introductory meal and despite it’s touristy outlook, a very friendly staff.
  2. The Bahar Restaurant is easily the Grand Bazaar’s most well kept secret. Incredibly delicious home-style meals (no menu, just specials) are bought off the counter and enjoyed in this cozy tavern by businessmen in the area.
  3. Yemek Kulubu on Istiklal Caddesi was a fabulous find. Right in the middle of the shopping district, decorated with lots of Art Nouveau glass, almost luxurious in setting, but incredibly cheap.
  4. Karadeniz ail Pide & Kebab in a tiny street just behind the Sultanahmet Tram Station is a gem of a place with some divine Iskender Kebab, Lahmacun, Pide and really friendly staff.
  5. Sarnic Restaurant is the one place you must go to for that expensive meal or special night. Lit only by candles, in an ancient cistern, with knight’s armour and other medieval relics for decor, it isn’t just the ambiance but the delicious lamb and excellent wine pairings that made us fall in love with this place.
  6. For another good, all you can eat meal (priced by weight) visit the Baran Ottoman Restaurant opposite the Sultanahmet Tram Stop. Loved the intricate tiles on the walls.

What’s the one cuisine you’ve loved discovering on your travels?



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  • Revati! You’re killing me with these pictures. I absolutely love Middle Eastern food and have never tried Turkish cuisine. Thanks for sharing (and making me incredibly hungry), this post has been bookmarked. A trip to Istanbul is on the cards and I’d love to check out these places.

  • I love Istanbul, I have many Turkish friends and I love the food there. My former flatmate is Turkish and I remember he would eat his “weird” breakfast all the time. It was interesting, but tasty huh? I remember when i was there I went to a restaurant and had an excellent meal. I later on found that it was one of the top restaurants in town. It was near Istikal.

  • I loved the food in Istanbul. We were only there for a few days so we didn’t get to try the street food. But we did eat in a locanda on the Asian side of the city (by pointing to what we wanted because they didn’t speak any English!).

  • Super Article, I think this is always a big questions when traveling what to eat, where to eat and what is good – at least we always have these questions especially traveling with kids. Super fun, next time we visit Turkey we will check out our recommendations. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • i like this article. i definitely want to try one of these on my 2015 istanbul trip. photos are amazing. i wish they were all labeled so i would know what to order. glad you had a great time.

  • Hi Revati,
    Thank you for this well-designed and detailed post about the favourite restaurants in Istanbul with its perfect photos. Congratulations and as being luxury travel advisor of Istanbul, I would recommend the mentioned restaurants to your readers. I would love to invite you check my latest blog posts aswell. Want to check it out to get th most out of the city from the view of a local.

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