What to do on Staycation – Make the most of being away from home with Hyatt Regency

When the Hyatt Regency asked me to make the most of being away from home, it had me wondering what to do on Staycation. Our travel style always involves making the most of our time in a particular destination and honestly that often means staying in wonderful hotels but not really getting the kind of time we’d like to truly enjoy the luxuries they offer. We’d already staycationed at the Hyatt Regency Mumbai before and enjoyed a sumptuous Easter brunch while we were there. But this time, they had a few more surprises up their sleeves. This stay certainly had me exploring much much more, and here’s my ultimate list of things to do on Staycation after have test driven each of them over a couple of nights at the Hyatt Regency.

What to do on Staycation – My ultimate list!

1. Put your feet up

The best part of checking into a hotel is being looked after. You don’t do a single chore on staycation. You don’t have to do a thing, and from the polite staff carrying my bags, pressing the elevator button, doing up my room and basically letting my every wish be their command, the Hyatt Regency most definitely let me put my feet up. Princess for a day, anyone?
What to do on Staycation

2. Take an afternoon nap

I love hotel beds. From the choice of pillows (Goose down being my fav pick) to the plush, fresh linen and mattresses that are great for your back (and literally make you fall asleep immediately) I have to say, you can’t trump the quality of sleep you can get in a hotel room. Throw blackout curtains into the mix, and you have the perfect setting for a midday nap. With no sounds to disturb me, I definitely enjoyed catching up on those Zs.
What to do on Staycation

3. Soak in the tub

One of my biggest peeves about homes in India is we haven’t been able to find one with a bathtub. And very rarely do I get the time for a nice long soak when we’re in a hotel (because who’s got time for slow mornings or the energy for some nighttime TLC when you’re travelling). At the Hyatt Regency I loved having the energy and time to draw a nice long bubbly bath and take my glass of wine into it. So the next time you’re on staycation, definitely pencil in a date night with the tub!
What to do on Staycation

4. Catch up on some reading

There are always a million distractions at home, and I miss being able to block it all out when I’ve immersed myself in a book. Thankfully when you’re in a hotel room, there’s a few comfy corners you can choose from, curl up there and settle down to some reading. The kind of reading where you look up and wonder where all that time went.
What to do on Staycation

5. Watch those TV shows

The last time I did a TV series marathon was probably back in college (when I’d tell myself just one more episode, and the next thing I knew the sun was up and I was definitely going to skip the morning’s class). There are so many TV series that I’ve been hanging onto just waiting to watch them someday, or a bunch of shows that air regularly but I’m just never free at the time they air. At the Hyatt Regency, I set a reminder, and managed to tune in for a change!
What to do on Staycation

6. Dine Out

Most luxury hotels have fantastic restaurants, and this couldn’t be more true than in the case of Stax – my favourite Italian restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Mumbai. Now we’re usually homebodies when in Mumbai, so treating my tastebuds to an exceptional meal that I know is going to be completely worth getting dressed up and going out is definitely something to look forward to. Not to mention the fact that you can pig out to your heart’s content because getting to your room just a quick elevator ride away is still possible when in a food coma! When I discovered the chef had just changed the menu, knocking a few of my favourites off, I was heartbroken. But my disappointed was short lived as I quickly fell in love with some of the new additions including the ravioli as well as the lamb ragout. Yum!
What to do on Staycation

7. Order In

Room service? Oh yes! Staycations were meant for staying put and having the restaurants bring their fine dining to you. I stayed in one night, catching up on some TV, relaxation and wine while I ordered in from the fabulous menu at the Hyatt Regency Mumbai – Lobster Linguini followed by what else but their smashing Tiramisu! Yum!
What to do on Staycation

8. Try a new cuisine

Just being away from, breaking away from your routine definitely puts you in the mood to experiment with new things that you may not have tried before. My knowledge of Mexican cuisine was pretty limited to nachos, tacos and the odd enchilada/ chilli. When I found out the Glasshouse Restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Mumbai was hosting a Mexican food promotion with the visiting Chef Guillermo Favela, Sous Chef, La Tablita, Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek, I jumped at the opportunity. And I’m so glad I did, because as Chef Guillermo explained, Mexican cuisine was definitely a Piñata in the mouth. A burst of flavours from sour and sweet to hot and salty, it was a virtual party on my tastebuds. Loved discovering the fresh flavours of his Salmon Ceviche and the surprising palate cleanser – mango and chilli jam sorbet, the decadent Tres Leche and other delicious surprises! This is on only till the 1st of December, so get going now!
What to do on Staycation

9. Let the diet slide

One half of the word staycation is still rooted in vacation. And that means a break from your routine and being able to break rules a bit. Which also meant indulging my sweet tooth, whether it was the fantastic desserts, the chocolate treats at the coffee shop or the thoughtfully placed chocolates and macaroons on my bedside. I was definitely not counting calories on staycation and neither should you!
What to do on Staycation

10. Uncork a bottle

You know I love my wine, and being able to sip on a great South African red in my room without worrying about getting too tipsy and having to find my way home was an absolute plus. Whatever your fav tipple, knowing that you can indulge just as much as you want, safely is one of my favourite things about staycations.
What to do on Staycation

11. Get in shape

Trying to get in shape is right up there with a whole bunch of things I must get down to doing pronto, however travelling does get in the way. Every time I manage to get out for a jog for a few days in a row and just about begin to feel healthy it’s time to pack my bags and take off again. And let’s face it, who wants to spend time in a gym when there’s a whole city just waiting to be explored out there! So one of the best things about a staycation is since your hotel’s the destination, the gym’s just waiting to be explored right? And when you’ve got state of the art equipment (which you don’t need to wait in line to use like I do at my local gym) there’s just no excuse! Running on the treadmill with a fantastic view of the pool and garden at the Hyatt Regency Mumbai felt like a walk in the park!
What to do on Staycation

12. Stretch those muscles

I’m a regular fish in the water, and once I get into the pool, it’s really tough to pull me out. With my room overlooking the beautiful free form pool at the Hyatt Regency, I felt like it was just calling out to me all day. So I definitely had to pay a visit. It was great being able to just put my feet up and relax on the deck chairs (the weather was perfect and the sun behaved itself) and have the pool pretty much to myself (another amazing thing about hotels).
What to do on Staycation

13. Get a massage

Spa time is definitely high up on my list of what to do in staycation. You’re not in a hurry (and you don’t have that niggling feeling that you have to get out of there eventually) so it definitely helps you relax and enjoy the treatment that way it’s meant to be enjoyed. That includes taking a little time to enjoy the steam or sauna, jacuzzi and cold pool before or after your treatment. (Another incredible plus is being able to return to your room in a bathrobe so you can let the oils absorb into your skin for a while). Over the days I spent at the Hyatt Regency Mumbai’s Club Prana Spa, I enjoyed a Swedish full body massage, a Facial and a foot massage and those were definitely the most hardworking massages I’ve had in a while, because I was really able to get the most out of them.
What to do on Staycation

14. Use those products

I don’t know about you, but I love hoarding beauty products. From samples and sachets to full sized masks, creams, scrubs and oils, I love even just the idea of these at-home rituals. Unfortunately, my collection’s just been growing because I really haven’t had the time to stay in and do a bit of a spa night in the longest time. So while I did pack a whole bunch of sheet masks and leave-in treatments to take with me, the Hyatt Regency had other plans for me. They had me #GetCarded as a part of their “Make the most of being away from home” campaign and let me pick from a bunch of different cards. Each of these cards was the key to a special in-room treat. My options were “Game Night”, “Sweet Tooth” and “Good Hair Day”. Naturally I went with Good Hair Day, posted my pick to Instagram, and pretty soon had this awesome box with some hair care goodies delivered to my room! What would you have picked? Ps: If you’re staying at the Hyatt Regency in select locations around the world, you too can participate! Get in touch with your hotel for more!
What to do on Staycation

I hope this post has given you a ton of ideas about what to do on staycation! You can tell I definitely had a fabulous time testing out every single one of them! Have you any more up your sleeves? Let us know in the comments!

This post was made possible by the Hyatt Regency. Opinions, as always are our own.


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