Visit Britain with Saif Ali Khan and a Giveaway

Saif Ali Khan, Indian royalty, actor and celebrity is definitely among the travellers we envy. And he’s had a love affair with Britain for a long long time. Having studied there and shot several of his movies there, he’s explored a fair bit of the area and the culture. Here he is, in an exclusive video for Visit Britain, sharing his favourite suggestions and itineraries.

We’re certainly intrigued by the romance to be found in Britain, and can’t wait to discover it for ourselves. Here’s our pick of some of the fabulous spots Saif suggests, and we’re sure you recognise some of them as several Bollywood films have been shot across the region.

1. Hyde Park, London

Among the largest city parks in the world, Hyde Park features over 350 acres of trees, a lake, meadows, flower gardens, restaurants and more where you can enjoy swimming, boating, cycling, skating, tennis, horse riding and there’s always something seasonal happening here too! We think it would look stunning in Autumn, don’t you? Image:Hyde Park in autumn, Hyde Park, London, England.

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2. Millenium Bridge, London

A beautifully panoramic viewpoint over the river Thames, this pedestrian suspension bridge is much more than a link between Bankside and the city of London. It’s a great spot from where you can point out several of London’s main attractions, and we needn’t tell you that it’s a stunning photo op as well! Image: Millennium Bridge at Bankside with a view to St. Paul´s Cathedral across the River Thames.

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3. Trafalgar Square, London

The iconic Trafalgar square brings London alive in beautiful way. From the pigeons that flock here, to the iconic stone lions, there’s so much to explore, and it would certainly be an afternoon well spent. Take in the energetic vibe of this busy square and you’ll most definitely find some performances or other fun activities going on while you’re there! Image: Trafalgar square with the National Gallery, London, England

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4. Buckingham Palace, London

We’re so fascinated by the Royal side of Britain, and naturally Buckingham Palace would be a fabulous peek into this side of London’s past and present. The Queen’s official residence allows you inside for a tour of the State Rooms, Ballrooms and Gardens, while the changing of the guard is a fascinating ceremony to experience. Image: Buckingham Palace in the spring, London, England, UK

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5. Castle Stalker, Scotland

Castle Stalker, a fortalice dating back to the 1300s is a beautiful spot to explore, as it sits, in its picturesque locale, surrounded by water. Take a tour, and delve into the fascinating history of all the people that have ever lived here. Image: Castle Stalker situated on an island in Loch Laich, Appin, Argyll & Bute, Scotland

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6. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Explore this iconic piece of Scottish history, settled at Castle Rock and venture into the Castle Vaults, and the beautiful Royal Apartments as you take in the sheer beauty of this erstwhile royal residence cum military stronghold. Image: Edinburgh Castle, a historic building and a major tourist attraction on Castle Rock above Edinburgh city. The castlle was founded in the 12th century.

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7. The Coastline, Wales

Historic and a natural beauty, the coastline of Wales is filled with limestone cliffs and corals rocks, making for a stunningly picturesque locale to explore.  Pick from the several beaches and bays to base your journey here. Image: The sandy beach of Three Cliffs Bay on the Gower peninsula coastline. Summer. VistBritain/Andrew Pickett

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8. Cardiff Castle, Wales

Let the fairytales you know of come true at this beautiful castle in the parklands dating back to Norman times with Roman features. It’s a beautiful setting to explore the royal life that once thrived here, while enjoying a lovely day out especially in good weather when you can spend some time in the park. Image: A spring day at Cardiff Castle

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If the magic of Britain wasn’t enough to inspire you, we’ve got exclusive notebooks that Visit Britain is giving away to 10 lucky readers of Different Doors! Watch the video and comment in the contest widget and tell us what is the most romantic experience according to Saif! Open to residents of India only. All the best! We know you’ll fall in love with Great Britain!

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“Visit Britain with Saif Ali Khan and a Giveaway”
  • Sitting anf holding hands along with your partner at the Hyde Park is the most romantic experience in Great Britain

  • According to Saif, sitting and holding hands in Hyde Park is one of the most romantic things about Britain.

  • Well, I love Great Britain too! Travelled there for work and fell in love with the English summers – they are just breathtakingly beautiful! I found the whole of London very romantic but according to Saif, it’s Hyde Park.

  • Such gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! Curiously enough, Britain wasn’t really on my travel radar till a few years ago (I suppose many other places on earth are romanticized far more for travelers) but it’s inching its way in thanks to posts like these. 🙂 I’ll end with another big sigh at your stunning pictures: Sigh…!

  • My best friend lives in Scotland and I have been itching to go to London to meet her.
    My favourite one among Saif’s mentions is the iconic piece of Scottish history, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

  • Pretty list! Hyde Park is one of favorite places on earth! and yes, it’s super pretty in autumn when everything is colorful and nice and lovely.

  • Finally figured this out…holding hands in Hyde Park is Saif’s idea of romance..

    I would so love to Visit Britain! Growing up on Enid Blyton and Jane Austen, and now MC Beaton, there are so many places I want to see. The moors of Yorkshire, Cornwall, Wales, white cliffs of Dover, the Lake District, the Cotswolds, Oxford, Sutherland and the Hebrides…hmm…this post has definitely made me want to head over to London, and not just to the airport!

  • Sitting & Holding hands in Hyde park is the most romantic thing to do in England.

    That said, this is a very well written post, hope to make good use of it when we visit Britain, it is very high up on our list of places to visit anyhow 🙂

  • Saif most romantic experience would be sitting and holding hands along with your partner at the Hyde Park in Great Britain

  • Sitting and holding hands with your partner in the hyde park is the most romantic experience for saif in London.

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