Tuo Travel Organizer – Discreet packing for your undergarments

I’m the kind of person that goes weak-kneed when it comes to travel organizers and packing hacks. So forgive me if this review of Origami Unicorn’s Tuo Travel Organizer sounds like I’m drooling. We’re constantly on the hunt for newer, slicker and prettier ways to organise our travel gear and packing into a system that works for us. Naturally, over the course of all this trial and error, I had developed a long list of prerequisites, and trying to find something that would tick all was proving to be a tall ask. (Ask Charles, he knows just how difficult I am to shop for.)

My Travel Organizer Checklist

  • It had to be compact

With us going more and more off the beaten track, and incorporating jaunts into tiny cobbled-street towns without taxi service (like we did in Tuscany), we feel the need to pack lighter and more efficiently more than ever before.

  • It had to be organized

What’s an organizer if it doesn’t organize, right? Wrong. Most organizers I’ve come across manage to keep things in a neat and orderly fashion, until you need to pull them out. When you do, it’s bedlam! With our travel incorporating a lot of side-trips, we’re constantly packing and unpacking every couple of days, which means being able to find things you’ll need (like fresh clothes), and put away things you won’t (like dirty laundry) in a hurry, without turning your bag inside out.

  • It had to look good

There’s a quote I’ve been trying to work with lately – Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. So an ugly, functional organizer with bad quality zippers, clasps, compartments just wouldn’t do. It had to look minimal, sleek and of course, luxe! After all, who doesn’t want to hide those undies (which inevitably get packed at the very top of your suitcase, just waiting to spring out as soon as you open your suitcase).

Enter, the Origami Unicorn Tuo Travel Organizer


To begin with, I LOVED the packaging. It came in this really cute clear ziplock case with a super-minimal logo on the front. Don’t you feel like you’re just going to take better care of things that look good even in storage?

Tuo Travel Organizer


Inside was the foldable travel organizer, and a drawstring laundry bag. Made of water resistant nylon, the black fabric looks elegant, thin and flowy but doesn’t feel flimsy at all! It’s a great size, not too large, not too small – 13.5″L x 11″W x 0.65″H.

Tuo Travel Organizer
The tri-fold bag had three zippered mesh compartments (score for breathability and visibility!) Two of those compartments have three elastic pockets each. The hardware looks sturdy and classy, from the zippers to the button press and the handle.

Tuo Travel Organizer

Tuo Travel Organizer


The best bit about it? It also doubles up as a make-shift hanging wardrobe for your essentials. The handle straps on to rods, hooks etc so you’ve got easy access to everything while you’re getting ready in your home away from home!

Tuo Travel Organizer
We’ll take this opportunity to reveal that we can’t wait to use it on our upcoming trip to …. Portugal! See you in the summer!

Tuo Travel Organizer

There’s been such amazing stuff coming out of the Kickstarter oven, and we’re so glad this one saw the light of day! There’s five different variants available at the moment, and the Tuo Signature Black (featured here) is available at $49.50 here. Psst! Sign up for their newsletter and get 10% off on your purchases!

This post was made possible by Origami Unicorn. Opinions, as always, are our own.

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