Why Travelling is Like Falling in Love

It’s that time of year, when our newsfeeds are flooded with red roses, pink hearts, pairs of champagne flutes and loads of other Valentines Day iconography ranging from the obscene to the tacky. For us however, it’s just another day. No it’s not because we’re the too-cool-for-school kids that shun romance. No it’s not because we’ve been travelling as a married couple. But simply because we’re both in love (and lust) with something that allows us to taste that romance, every single time. There’s something that always sends us hurtling head over heels. Travel. Regardless of whether you’re married, dating, heartbroken or happily single, if you’re travelling, you can have that beautiful feeling of falling in love all over again, again and again.

Why travelling is like falling in love.

You’re dying to discover more

There’s something about that someone new that is just so intriguing and exciting. You’re dying to get to know this person better, and no matter how much you learn, there’s always so much more to discover about each other. You want to know everything there is to know. With travel, every time we go someplace (whether it’s a new place or a revisit) we look at it with fresh eyes, diving right into the unfamiliar, trying to unravel its layers, and in turn that place drops its guard, revealing itself, little by little. For example, The Thing With Paris, is that she will always, always remain an enigma, no matter how much we discover.

travelling is like falling in love

You reveal that part of you nobody knew

When you’re just getting into a relationship with someone, you’re baring your soul. And that soul could be just about any side of you that others don’t normally see. Calling it a feeling of being reborn would be a stretch, but you know what I mean- that freedom to be who you truly are inside. The same is true of travel, when we’re in another place, where nobody knows us, we’re not afraid to be our true selves. We could be as silly or honest as we are, without being worried about being judged. We find it easier to strike up conversation and say what’s on our minds, which is probably why we found Friendship is the new travel currency. Sometimes, we end up revealing sides to ourselves even we didn’t know existed!

travelling is like falling in love

You’re willing to try new things

Falling in love pushes you out of your comfort zone. An adrenaline rush that gives you the confidence to do things you wouldn’t normally. Whether it’s because you want to impress that person, or you’re genuinely interesting in trying the new things that they introduce you to. As it is with travel. We’ve tried eating and cooking new cuisines, somewhat scary things like Chopper Rides over the 12 Apostles, Elephant Mahout Classes in Thailand, driving in a new country, jumping into the sea with dolphins or going snorkelling in a marine sanctuary shortly after learning to swim or picking up a few words of a new language; travel pushes the envelope and makes us try harder. And it never feels like work.

travelling is like falling in love

You look forward to every moment

You open your eyes with a smile and jump out of bed each morning with a renewed enthusiasm for what the day may bring. You’re looking forward to making the most of every waking moment with your loved one. Or with the destination you’re travelling through. No matter what time we’ve slept the previous night, we’re often up at the crack of dawn to go see that amazing sunrise, get started on a road trip, beat the lines at a museum, grab an incredible breakfast we read about online or simply stroll around the local neighbourhood. We don’t want to waste a single moment, and we’re constantly looking forward with delirious anticipation to what each morning, afternoon, evening and night will bring.

travelling is like falling in love

You see la vie en rose

When you’re falling in love, everything seems beautiful and perfect. You’re blind to the flaws, the shortcomings, the misgivings or at least more forgiving. When we travel, we’re relaxed and cut off from our daily chores. We rarely pay attention to the downsides. We’re usually in a great mood, romanticising everything about the place, its sights, people, food or culture. Ruins in Istanbul or Ayutthaya are beautifully melancholic, the crowded La Boqueria is vibrant, and Chinatowns all over the world are delicious. It’s all exotic and we’re gushing over it with everything we’ve got.

travelling is like falling in love

You remember every little detail

The object of your affection also becomes the subject of your obsession. You notice every little thing about them, you remember every little detail, even when you’re not there, your thoughts are always with them. When we’re travelling, we’re looking at every little thing, from the tiny streets that are etched in our mind, to the little customs and cultural traits, to every sight and attraction that we’ve explored. Which is why we can help plan your Paris Itinerary from mind, we remember the exact order of the tasting Menu at Tickets in Barcelona or Adaa in Hyderabad, every stop on Istanbul’s Bosphorus cruise, what kind of sand does each beach in Mauritius have and so much more. We’re perpetually flipping through a virtual scrap book or journal, obsessing over the memories, while we create new ones. (Of course, as travel bloggers, it’s great that we can channel this obsession into our travel blog for all the world to read).

travelling is like falling in love

So there you have it, decoded, how travelling is like falling in love. And just like with falling in love, there’s always fear, sometimes heartbreaks, rarely regrets, and always a tale to tell. Tell us, where did you last fall in love? What are the other things you feel while travelling?

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“Why Travelling is Like Falling in Love”
  • I totally agree! Traveling inspires you to try new things, be adventurous and be a better person. Sometimes a city lets you down like a bad date, and sometimes, you fall head over heels when you least expect it — that’s Norway for me. This is a beautiful post.

  • Hi Revati,

    Recalling and savoring every little detail is spot on, and heck, this whole post is spot on. Well done! Like falling in love, I remember every little detail of my first trip to Bali. From the airplan arriving to the airport, to the heat and humidity, to being rushed by 20 transport drivers at 1:30 AM outside of the airport this experience sticks with me nearly 47 months after the start of our trip.

    Thanks guys!


  • I have always believed that travelling makes us a better person. May be this is why travelers are some of the happiest persons in this world.
    You are right. Travelling is indeed equivalent to falling in love.

  • Awesome article! I never thought about travel in this way, but the points you make are so very true! (And beautifully written). I think I am currently falling in love at my workplace, definitely interesting times ahead! I always feel a sense of great wonder and amazement with the world when travelling, everything feels so fresh, new and wondrous.

  • Lovely analogy. When I fall in love with a travel destination I can’t stop thinking and talking about it after I leave that place. I will do anything to come back and see that place again. The last travel destination I fell in love with was Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean.

  • I love this!!! I agree that in new places (and with new people) you’re not afraid to be your true self- I would add that we can even be better version of ourselves and become more of the person we always wanted to be! La Vie en Rose is definitely true for me too… I tend to look at new places (and relationships) in a very positive way. Your photos are the perfect touch to the post. Great read!

  • Brilliant new perspective on travelling, and couldn’t agree more! I think travelling has definitely made us better people, we’ve learnt so much about ourselves and each other and this has only made us stronger as both travellers and as a couple. Great read!

  • I love the theme of this post, Revati! Really enjoyed reading your words, lovely post. Especially that you reveal yourself to show your true colours 🙂

  • Its so true. …. the more travelling you do the more your falling in love with places you been and wanting to explore more places

  • This is a beautiful post. Great photos and you got the feelings absolutely right. I cherish each moment in a new place that I connect with and want to know more. I think travel is like that exciting first stage of love, part obsession and part awakening. Thanks for sharing

  • Ahh, this is so true! Great post! It’s like when you get those little butterflies in your stomach or you just can’t stop but think about a place or a time. We fall in love with places over and over, you end up leaving your heart in so many locations!

  • I feel good every time I travel to a new place.
    Last year the budget was more tight and I traveled only two times in the spring and in the summer, but for this year I want to start in April and end only in December.

  • Revati, I absolutely love this post and never thought about it, I didn’t consider myself as a hopeless romantic until I read this post, I keep falling in love all over again.

  • I’d love to share this on my Facebook page, with your permission! I started to slip into that hazy dream mode just reading this. It’s beautifully written, and your photos are lovely as well. I’m blogging about Paris right now, and I adore your posts about Paris as well. You capture the romance of the city beautifully, Best of luck to you!

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