Travelling as a couple Part I: The good vs the bad

Travelling as a couple was something that came very naturally to Charles and me, since it began with a vengeance right from our honeymoon in Mauritius. We’ve had a lot of people ask us with immense curiosity about how we make it work. But frankly, I couldn’t ask for a better travel companion and it doesn’t always have to do with the fact that we’re married to each other.

The good

Travelling as a couple is safe. Whether it’s walking through a dubious neighbourhood trying to experience the gritty underbelly of a city or while taking a midnight stroll after a long dinner, we’ve never felt worried because we’ve always got each other. Travel experiences can sometimes be so intense that the first thing you want to do is tell someone how you’re feeling. All we have to do is turn to each other. And then there’s the practical bit, a double sharing room, a chopper ride for two, so many travel bookings turn out more economical when you’re in twos.

The bad

While travelling as a couple, you’re constantly in this insulated bubble, which can sometimes get in the way of interacting with others or really feeling the experience. This can in turn leave you with a single point of view (often biased) of a place, it’s people and culture. Sometimes travelling can also become a rut, with a couple going through the motions of the same routine in different places. But there are ways out of this. Get tips on how to travel as a couple based on our experiences in our next article: Travelling as a couple – How not to let it get ugly.

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Together in the wee hours at San Kamphaeng outside Chiang Mai

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Our first ever international trip together – a Mauritian honeymoon

Couples travel, travelling couple, How to travel as a couple

Getting onto the selfie bandwagon in the Philippines


Disclaimer: Like with any venture that two people in a relationship decide to undertake, it will be testing, and will only work if there is a solid relationship to begin with. If there are gaps in your relationship, it’s bound to surface when you’re stuck next to each other for 13 hours at a stretch, 30,000 feet above sea level.

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“Travelling as a couple Part I: The good vs the bad”
  • I completely agree with you – unfortunately I don’t get to travel with my boyfriend as much as you do because he does have a regular job and doesn’t get much time off, but it is true that when I travel with him I tend to get to meet fewer people than when I travel by myself or with a friend – love the sense of safety when I travel with him though!

  • My boyfriend and I decided to travel together after only 5 months of dating. Everyone was kind of shocked and assumed that after an indefinite amount of time we would be done with each other. So not the case. It helped us build our relationship more and made us quite strong. Now we are living in another country and quite happy! There are always bad days when traveling, like when I just want to be alone!!! But the good definitely outweighs the bad. Nice post!

  • I have been in a relationship for almost 4 years, and we have been long distance for over two years. I travel 4 times a year for a month at a time but have never traveled with my boyfriend. For now I like to keep traveling for myself, but hopefully in the future I can travel as a couple and then as a family! I cannot wait to read “How not to let it get ugly.”

  • It’s great you are each other’s best companions..! My boyfriend and me also sometimes need time off each other and occasionally also go travelling apart. But each relationship is so individual, it’s mainly important each couple finds their own way that works best. Right? 🙂
    Looking forward to your post with tips on how to not let it go ugly! 🙂

  • I have always loved traveling with my husband as a couple. These days, it is the family with kids but we do try to steal some alone time together. Liked the pictures.

  • I think Travel is the best knowledge. Your mind can be open by traveling alone, but traveling with family or couple makes an responsible person. Thanks for sharing this. Loved this Web.

  • Ever since marriage, I travelled along with my wife and enjoyed each trip. The only disadvantage is that you may have to leave out some parts where women may not feel comfortable.

  • Couple travel is no joke! It will speed up a relationship, and that can be good, bad, or both! I actually had a relationship that ended based on a trip we took together to Japan… here’s to the couples that make it work!

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