Travellers Who Work Full Time: Jules & Christine

Jules and Christine of Don’t Forget to Move balance full time work and a part time Masters course in Melbourne  as well. They find creating a schedule and exploring their hometown while they’re grounded is a great way to keep the wanderlust at bay. We’ve interviewed them among other travellers who work full time as a part of our weeklong initiative “Don’t Quit Your Job, And Travel” in the hope that we’ll inspire other travellers with full time jobs, that it is indeed doable.

How do you manage to squeeze out actual travel time?

When we first started Don’t Forget To Move we were already on the road, so it was pretty easy to work on it and travel at the same time. Now, since we’ve returned home to save a bit of cash, we haven’t been able to travel as much as we would have liked. Although in saying that it has been fun exploring my own hometown a little more and writing about Melbourne. Looking at Melbourne from the perspective of a traveler has been an interesting way to see just how much of an amazing city this is, and how I’m so lucky to call this home (when I am home that is). In the past year we’ve only had small weekend trips away, but it’s been enough to keep us going.


How do you balance your day job and blogging?

With great difficulty! Nah it hasn’t been too bad, but there have been some very busy times this year. Christine and I are also both in the middle of completing our Masters, so between working, studying and running the blog it’s been hard to juggle. It’s fair to say we’ve had our fair share of quiet weekends where we stay up all night and just work on the blog to try and catch up. We find the best way to balance our work is to create a schedule. We allocate certain days only to work on one task, rather than always trying to spread ourselves thin. Wednesday and Friday are blog days, where we schedule all our posts, work on our social media and chip away at anything else we need to do. There’s never enough time to do everything, but we need to learn just to accept that.


Has either suffered?

At times all aspects of our lives have suffered, but we always try to make sure it doesn’t affect our own personal relationship. There have been some times that we’ve just had to let the blog go for a week, but we’ve been minimizing those lately. It’s tough when you’re putting in such hard work with the blog, and then you let it go for a week and automatically see the drop. It’s all about time management really, and prioritizing what’s the most important thing to get done.


Ever had a breakdown or thought you bit off more than you can chew?

Not a breakdown per se, but we’ve definitely had time where we think….”Is this even worth it?” They’re short moments though because we love blogging about our travels and it’s awesome that we’re helping inspire people to hit the road. Whenever we get reader questions, comments or thanks it picks us up again and motivates us to keep it up.


Do you intend on quitting your job to travel full time?

We’ve already done it twice (and it’s worked well), so we figured why not do it again? After spending three of the last four years in Latin America we thought we were due for a change of scenery, so last month we bought one way tickets to Thailand! We’re super excited to take Don’t Forget To Move into new territory and add some more exciting locations to the blog.

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