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Heather of The Conversant Traveller works full time at an outdoor education centre in the UK, is very honest about how the two do overlap sometimes, and while she loves having a place to call home, she manages to switch off and take a break. We’ve interviewed her among other travellers who work full time as a part of our weeklong initiative “Don’t Quit Your Job, And Travel” in the hope that we’ll inspire other travellers with full time jobs, that it is indeed doable.


How do you manage to squeeze out actual travel time?

We’re creative with our holiday allowances from work, and always make sure we use every second of leave…we work up to the last minute, and are back at the desk the day after we return home, whether or not we’re exhausted. We also choose flight times that make the most of our leave, even if it means paying a few extra pennies. This year we’ve been hot air ballooning in Cappadocia in Turkey, climbed temples in Thailand, ploughed rice paddies with buffalo in Laos, sampled far too many afternoon teas in London, and tried whisky in Scotland. And tomorrow we’re off to South Africa, Swaziland and Mauritius for a month, so yes, travel and a full time job really is possible!

How do you balance your day job and blogging?

Still trying to find that happy balance to be honest, it often feels like having 2 full-times jobs. I’ve started getting up really early and having an hour or so before work to blog which seems to work really well. Although I find my desk at work not very comfortable for sleeping!

Has either suffered?

I like to think one compliments the other, and because I have both, neither really feels like proper ‘work’! But I have been known to be late to my 9-5 job because of a blogging deadline. Ooops. Now I’m getting paid commissions and press trips through Conversant Traveller my priorities are slowly beginning to change. Exciting times.

Ever had a breakdown or thought you bit off more than you can chew?

Nope, I love it, and when it all gets too much I just shut it all down and go back to the ‘real’ world for a while, out for a walk or a canoe with hubbie. I remind myself that it’s my blog, and any deadlines are ones that I’ve set myself. I thrive on pressure anyway, it’s when I produce my best work.

Do you intend on quitting your job to travel full time?

I would never travel full time, I need a house to store all my millions of souvenirs, and like having somewhere to call ‘home’ after being away for long periods. I actually also love my job and living where I do here in the Lakes. Yet I do have aspirations for my blog to eventually provide me with an income enough to only have to work part-time. And the income rewards and trip invitations I’m starting to receive have given me the confidence to tell myself I can do it!! Watch this space…


You can check out Heather’s Blog, Twitter and Facebook for more!


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