Travellers Who Work Full Time: Chaitanya

Chaitanya from Mumbai blogs at Traveling Curiously, has a full time job in advertising and just opened his own  startup as well. He also intends on studying his Masters. We’ve interviewed him among other travellers who work full time as a part of our weeklong initiative “Don’t Quit Your Job, And Travel” in the hope that we’ll inspire other travellers with full time jobs, that it is indeed doable.

How do you manage to squeeze out actual travel time?

I managed to do 5 trips last year. One of them was international and the rest of them in India. As a regular 9-5 job guy, it’s easy to spread out the 22 paid leaves strategically over long weekends.

How do you balance your day job and blogging?

I work in an ad agency and there is no fixed leaving time from work. I usually get home by about 9.30 -10. Quickly get done with dinner & knock off an article before sleeping. On days I’m not writing I push on social media and promote the written content.

Has either suffered?

There have been times when my blog has suffered. However I try and make up for bad days over the weekend.

Ever had a breakdown or thought you bit off more than you can chew?

Everyday. As if blogging was not enough, I’ve added a travel start up to my plate. A start up is a totally different animal compared to a travel blog and it would be safe to assume I’m a little mental trying to do so much within 24 hours of a day.

Do you intend on quitting your job to travel full time?

As of now that isn’t going to be possible. I am 23 and I’ve still got to finish doing my Masters. May be I will explore this in the future when I am a little more settled.
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