Travellers Who Work Full Time: Bianca

Bianca of It’s All Bee is a trés stylish full time IT consultant and part time traveller from London who enjoys her little indulgences and so spends her time working towards fulfilling her dream of travelling the globe a little at a time. We’ve interviewed her among other travellers who work full time as a part of our weeklong initiative “Don’t Quit Your Job, And Travel” in the hope that we’ll inspire other travellers with full time jobs, that it is indeed doable.

How do you manage to squeeze out actual travel time?

I have 25 days holiday from work, in addition to the 8 days of UK bank holidays we have in the year. That means I can spread out my trips without having to take one chunk in one go. I don’t really have a set number of trips I take each year but usually I will be away a couple of times a year. This year I have toured Israel, covering Shlomi, Nahariah, Jerusalem, Tel aviv, Dead Sea and Haifa. I also just came back from a tour of Southern Africa having started from my home country in Zambia with stops in Lusaka and Livingstone for the Victoria Falls. I then travelled to Botswana and then Namibia before coming back to London. I am also heading to Amsterdam at the end of this month for a weekend trip similar to my weekend in Scotland this past summer. Most major trips like the one to Africa or Israel are usually planned well in advance and the weekenders are sometimes spontaneous.

The coming year will be just at busy with travel as 2015 includes a few major trips which will more likely include a trip to Russia for my boyfriend’s family reunion before heading back for another family visit in Israel. My sisters are also coming to London from the US early summer so that will most likely be the planned trip to Greece that I recently blogged about.

How do you balance your day job and blogging?

It can be quite tough sometimes as I want my posts to have quality over quantity, rather than just churn out posts for the sake of putting something there. I also want to inspire people to see the places I have seen and if they cannot visit for themselves then I would like them to feel as if they have been there through my photographs and detailed trip documentations and tips I provide about my journeys exploring the globe. I usually reserve the weekend for photo editing and maybe one other evening if I have to write a post or do any final checks before a post goes live.

Has either suffered?

Every now and then I have quiet spells on the blog, I believe the longest was about 4 months but now I try and manage my time better so that the cold spells are not too long. This also only happens if I am starting a new project at work where it needs my undivided attention. Also, I now try to have at least one post that is saved up to be published when I am too busy with work to write one up. I am also now opening up my blog for guest posts. These posts will still be vetted for my audience as well as topics that fit around things that I would like to see on my blog.

Ever had a breakdown or thought you bit off more than you can chew?

Breakdown? No, and I hope it doesn’t come to that. I felt a little under pressure to finds my niche for my blog when I started. Unusually, what didn’t help much was reading about what blogs should be about and all the mishmash of advice in the end I just thought to myself, this is my blog! A blog I started for me to document my travels, I appreciate that it’s now grown to have a few followers which is great, so now it also serves to inspire others to travel with tips on where to go, what to do, where to eat and stay!

Do you intend on quitting your job to travel full time?

Not anytime soon! I have bills to pay and being a creature of comfort, I am not one of those travellers who can travel with a massive backpack (to each their own) on my back as well as a few clothes on my back. I am also not one for roughing it for too long. I work so that I can see the world at my own pace and while indulging when and where I can, within the limits of my budget too.

You can check out Bianca’s Blog, Twitter and Facebook for more!


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