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It’s been a while since we had a holiday. A real holiday. Travel means something entirely different when we’re travel blogging. Because on a regular travel blogging day, we’re taking pictures, jotting things down, updating social media, meeting people and companies, and then getting back to our hotel or apartment completely beat but having a whole lot of transfers, updates and uploads to finish before we can prep for the next day, while finally plugging all our devices to charge and then drifting off before our heads even hit the pillows. Naturally, you can understand why we’re so excited about our upcoming HOLIDAY to the Philippines. This time, while we know we’ll be tempted to take some photographs and videos, we’re going there with only one agenda. To relax.

Of course we’re scrambling like crazy to tie up loose ends at work so that we really can get away and relax, but there’s a whole lot of other stuff that goes into preparing for a relaxing holiday. And here are the ones we consider the most important.

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Our friends at DropCam have a simple list of the important stuff


As Indians, the paperwork is always that little bit more. Visas, printouts of everything from flight tickets and hotel bookings to any other activities, a copy of our passports, forex, all neatly placed in these interim travel wallets (till I find the perfect ones). With all the travelling to do and frequent visa applications to be made, we have a permanent folder with loads of copies of all the documents and passport photos we’ll be needing.


Over the years, we’ve learnt quite a bit about packing right. From lugging a 15kilo handbag (without wheels) through CDG Airport to carrying only a tiny cabin-sized strolley each to the Philippines, I’d say we’ve come a long way. Did I just say cabin-sized? Yes. Enter our latest challenge. Can we survive 7 nights and 6 days in the Philippines with all our gadgets and clothes and everything in two pieces of hand baggage? Here’s what we’re attempting:

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The contents of my carry-on

Travel Packing, Travel Checklist, What to pack for a beach holiday, Mens beach holiday outfits, Beach holiday Checklist

Charles’s carry on


Locking up a home here in India is so much easier than doing so in most other countries. Our apartments always have a security guard on duty and domestic help coming and going, so its safe and the plants are taken care of. But clearing out the fridge, taking out the trash, paying off all electricity, internet and satellite connection bills (so we don’t return to a home that’s been disconnected), letting the newspaper guy know (so we don’t return to a large mound of recyclables), leaving instructions for deliveries etc., is something we usually tick off the day before.


This is a very very important part of our travel checklist (No prizes for guessing which of us it’s the most important for) It starts with checking the power plugs and carrying the right adapters, all the while, (me) figuring out which devices we can do without. Then Charles gets the batteries, memory cards, and anything else that needs to be purchased. He takes charge of powering everything up before we leave as well as doing a little bit of research about getting a local SIM at our destination. It’s a routine he’s got down to an art now.


This is the fun bit! We love doing this little excitement meter check every few days as we get closer to the trip, and then checking out photos, blogs and videos about the destination just so Mondays don’t feel as long as they can tend to before a much awaited trip!

What’s on your travel preparation checklist? How do you gear up for a trip? Share your routine, ideas and tips with us, we’d love to know!

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