Top 10 Things To Do in Goa

1. Water sports

It’s not just Goa’s beaches that are dotted with people. You can find them up in the sky as well, screaming their lungs out! Goa’s popular beaches are filled with various beach activities like parasailing, banana boat riding, jet-skiing, etc, and water sports are definitely among the top 10 things to do in Goa. Along with a brief list, I’ve also included some indicative prices. The activities you’ll find on most beaches include:

  • Water Skiing/Knee & Wakeboarding Rs. 400-1200 for 15 minutes
  • Jet skiing (locally referred to as water scooter) Rs. 400, 1000, 1500 for 2, 10, 15 minute trips respectively
  • Wind Surfing Rs. 300-600 for an hour
  • Parasailing Rs. 500-1250 for 5 minutes
  • Banana Boat/Bump & Ringo Rides Rs 200 for 15 minutes
  • Catamaran Sailing Rs. 600-1500 for an hour
  • Speedboat rides Rs. 800- 1200 for 3-6 people for 10 minutes
  • Grand Island Day Trip
  • Dolphin cruises
  • Scuba diving/ Snorkelling Rs. 2500 per dive
  • Sunset/Moonlight cruise on the Mandovi River

1. Most are run by private operators and some may not have the requisite licenses/safety features.
2. All water sports are shut in the monsoon when the sea’s rough.
3. It’s always best to bargain down to an agreeable price before your ride.

top 10 things to do in goa

2. Nature Trails

  • The Sahakari Spice Farm in Ponda is a hidden gem. They offer a tour of the plantation, where you can learn about and taste the different spices and produce, take a cold shower, enjoy a traditional Goan lunch, and additionally get a chance to watch folk dances, swing between trees a la Tarzan, and bathe and ride elephants.
  • The Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary near Molem offers as much as you want to pack in. Overnight stays in a tent/dorm, a chance to spot panthers, sloth bears, mouse deer, barking deer and over 200 species of birds. Also on offer are camping trips, elephant activities (shows, bathing, riding, painting), yoga and more.
  • Crocodile Watching in Cumbarjua Canal, Quepem, Chorao or Thivim. With an expert to guide you, you can watch them in their natural habbitat of thick mangroves, from the safety of a canoe or boat.
  • The Arvalem, Lamgau and Rivona Caves among many others are worth a visit as they overlook the sea, have evidence of prehistoric existence, and some beautiful legendary stories.

top 10 things to do in goa

top 10 things to do in goa

3. Heritage Hunt

20 minutes west of Panjim, you’ll go back in Indo-Portuguese time. To Old Goa, where churches, convents, museums, art galleries, government buildings, bungalows and bakeries abound. Gasp at the magnificent Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se de Santa Catarina, The Archeological Museum of Old Goa, The Naval Aviation Museum and Institute Menezes Braganza.

4. Shopping Spree

Goa, flea market, shopping, clothes, Anjuna, beach, cheap clothes, trinkets, antiques

    • Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar in Arpora, can be an overload on your senses, and you never know what you might discover. When we say you can find anything, we really mean anything. The hundreds of stalls, stock items from all over the world – bohemain clothing and jewellery, stoner paraphernalia, music, and bikes. Even if you aren’t shopping, this market really is a fun night out. You’re sure to find fire eaters, poi jugglers, live musicians/DJs and great food from all over the world and don’t forget to stop by Daniel’s Bar.
    • Anjuna Flea Market is held on Wednesdays, and once again has clothing, jewellery, souvenirs, and a whole lot of rubbish along with a whole lot of treasures. This one’s on the beach, so it’s really quite lovely even if it’s small. If you take the walking route (not motorable) from the last shack on Anjuna beach, you’ll be sure to pass a small shop that sells ultra-violet paintings, paint and canvas. You’ll want to pop in.

1. Street Shops in popular areas like Baga, Calangute, etc are plenty and they sell the basic stuff like sarongs, clothes, bags, jewellery, shells and other souvenirs.
2. Most beaches also have vendors who walk around toting their wares.
3. If you don’t want something, it’s important to be firm with the vendors and shopkeepers, especially the women who can be rather pushy.
4. Always, always bargain.

5. Why not

  • Get a Black Henna tattoo painted onto your body by artists in the markets and on beaches. Pick any design, it washes off in a couple of weeks!
  • Braid your hair with colorful embroidery threads and beads by the tribal women who sit on the beach and in markets.
  • Get a massage from the masseuses who walk the beaches. They’ll pamper your legs and back for a great price, with or without oil, right in the comfort of your beach lounger.
  • Sip coconut water from the ladies who walk the beaches. It’s cheap and wonderfully cooling.
  • Spend a night on the beach but only if you’re a larger group or a bunch of guys.

6. Gluttons & Gourmets

There really are so many eating out options in Goa and overall, the quality of food doesn’t leave one complaining (unless it’s a bad shack). That makes coming up with a list next to impossible, so what we’ve done is compiled a short list of favorites that we visit every time we’re in Goa.

  • Martin’s Corner in Betalbatim, is legendary for it’s king crabs, prawn vinadloo, garlic chicken and sea food that is grilled, fried, roasted, steamed and mixed with sauces and spices. Here’s the best part, a meal for two costs around Rs. 1200.
  • Britto’s on Baga is another popular restaurant and shack famed for its food and service. Best for a candlelit dinner, with the breeze in your hair and your toes in the sand.
  • Infantaria at Calangute is the place to go for breakfast with their large collection of superbly prepared snacks and bakes. Get there early, before the crowds.
  • Curly’s on Anjuna is a lively, popular shack that serves some seriously good food. We love the banana-nutella waffles with honey, as well as the limonada juice that’s seriously healthy.
  • Souza Lobo at Calangute is an old establishment, set up in 1932. While they serve a varied fare, try their traditional offerings.

top 10 things to do in goa

top 10 things to do in goa

7. Bikers Anonymous

If you can tear yourself away from the beaches, Goa has miles of intricate roads and paths that run right through paddy fields, cottages and bungalows. With the wind in your hair, and Goa at your feet, it’s not just a great way to get around, but also a great way to get lost.

8. Party Animals

From shacks with karaoke, retro English, Bollywood, popular club and electronic music, to the standard bars to uber luxe lounges and nightclubs, to open air, hilltop, beachside and semi-jungle raves, Goa has something to offer for every kind of party goer. Tito’s on Baga and Hilltop at Anjuna are evergreen, but new places keep popping up and shutting down all the time, so just keep an eye out for party posters and flyers, and a ear out for hushed whispers.

top 10 things to do in goa

9. Holistic Healing

  • Ayurvedic treatments abound in Goa, but the best place to go is Keri village where experienced ayurvedic doctors run an age old natural practice.
  • Yoga/Meditation is taught at almost every corner, but for yoga holidays, recommended places include Yab Yum, Yoga Magic, Ashiyana and The Mandala.
  • Reiki is practiced and taught at several locations in Goa and we’ve heard lots about Neo Yoga Centre.
  • Vegans and eco conscious people get their fill at Bean Me Up; a soya-station cum health food cafe in Anjuna.

10. Glamorous gamblers

There isn’t too much gambling one can do on Indian soil and that’s where Goa’s famed Casino cruises come in. Lately machine operated casinos onshore have become popular as well. But if you’re expecting a Vegas-style casino experience, forget about it. Goa’s casinos are largely frequented by men and there’s a reason why it’s at the bottom of this list! But if you do want to try it out, dress up, put on your lucky perfume, and hope to get lucky!

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“Top 10 Things To Do in Goa”
  • Interesting!!! We were in Goa last month, it was super fun… stayed in north goa Ashwem… beautiful village… we went on a boat cruise with Konkan Explorers in morjim… it was the highlight of our trip…
    Its not just a boat cruise… we went kayaking ,sailing slept on board in the pretty cabins… 24 hrs just passed by… IT WAS AMAZING.. I WOULD SURELY RECOMMEND IT. http://www.konkanexplorers.com
    say hi to poonam and pascal when ur there…

    • ur pics r beautiful bgnris back the happy memories from our trip.. we stayed first four days in south goa.. in the club mahundra varca beach resort which is very close to the lalit.. the next four days were in panaji and we mostly spent our time in the happening calungate, vagator and candolim beaches.. have u been to vagator? its the most gorgeous beach ever.. in south goa we loved paulolem.. thats about 2 hours drive from varca beach.. fantastic view awww.. im getting super nostalgic wanna go back again savour ur last few moments in goa god bless

    • All of the above options will be available, Goa’s peak season is in the summer. Jun 1st is when all the prices plummet and half the establishments shut down for the rains. Here’s wishing you a summer full of sunshine!

  • Thanks a lot for sharing. I am planning for a trip to Goa in mid Dec with my wife. Can you suggest me which clubs should i go where we can enjoy without any intervention by drunken people?? Also is travelling at late nights in a private hired cab advisable?

  • This is one of the best articles about Goa I have come across. Having stayed in Goa for 2 years, I can say that you haven’t missed one single point. I have also created a list of 5 Things to do in Goa. This list contains something very different from regular stuff. Do check it out 🙂

  • India has always been high on our list of countries to visit but for some reason not Goa, I think it was due to the idea that most tourists not interested so much in the culture go here. But you have shown here there is so much more to Goa and it is most definitely worth a visit!

  • I’ll take one of all the above please. wow! There’s nothing to be missed in Goa. What a cool trip! I like the spice tour, holistic treatments and gambling info personally. 😉 I can see where one can get totally immersed there. 😉

  • I’m yet to go to India, but when I do I’ll definitely be heading south to visit Goa. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas – it sounds like there is a great deal to do there. When is the best time of year to visit?

  • Thats a good round up to entice us to go to Goa….. Those beautiful photos is inviting me to visit the place 🙂 hopefully one day

  • We loved Goa – we were there in the off season so there were some great deals on beachfront huts. But it was terribly hot! Have to say the best thing was the food – amazing!
    I look forward to going back and trying a few of the places you guys recommend

  • Hey we are planning a trip to goa in july fr 4 /5 days….can u please giv info about what to do in goa in monsoon. ? Which places to visit?

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  • I was in Goa over the last weekend and I must say it is The Party place of India.. You will have fun that is for sure. Loads of activities like Island tour, water sports and not to forget the Gigantic Dudhsagar falls trip. A fun place to be at.. I saved my self from hassle as I booked all my activities much in advance… I did Grande Island Tour, Hot Air Ballooning, Water sports, Dudhsagar falls and totally had a rocking time. The only regret is I missed Scuba dicing, but will definitely do next year.. Cheers..

  • Nice and very informative post.As mentioned there are various activities to do including parasailing. Its a famous tourist destination for adventure along with recreation. Its a must visit destination to experience the thrill or to just have a peaceful holiday.

  • Fantastic blog! Konkan Explorers- cruise in Chapora River with kayaking and sailing was super fun for me. You could check their reviews, a must visit in Goa.

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