Top 10 Spots to See in Singapore

We’ve been to Singapore a few times over the years, and whilst our last trip involved just a quick whirlwind trip during a layover with Singapore Airlines, it was fun seeing some of the top spots in Singapore once again. Here are some of them to keep in mind. For when you go ahead with your flight booking, you will want to try to find some time in Singapore.


  1. Gardens by the Bay

Singapore isn’t just an urban concrete jungle. There’s a lot of beauty to be found in these tall structures that blend nature and modern engineering. You can’t miss the super trees that have now become such an icon of modern Singapore. 18 of them in all, they support the OCBC Skyway with some fascinating views of the surrounds.

Top Spots Singapore

  1. Singapore Botanic Gardens

It’s surprising how you can cut off from the fast paced, almost cold efficiency of Singapore so easily in this little piece of paradise. Not so little actually, it spreads across 60 acres of the city and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With something to fascinate everyone, from little kids to serious botanists, the collection of flora here is just incredible. Our favourite highlight of course, is the Orchid Garden.

Top Spots Singapore

  1. Marina Bay

The area around Marina Bay is where several tourist hotspots are. Including some of the spots coming up on this list. And at the centre of all this action is the fascinating Marina Bay Sands resort. With enough for a series of fun nights out, the casinos, nightclubs, shows, shops and more, this area is always alive. It’s a great place to talk a walk and soak in the aura.

Top Spots Singapore

  1. Chinatown

We love Chinatowns, and look for one wherever we travel, especially in Asia. First and foremost, there’s some incredible food to be discovered in these quaint districts. These immigrant hubs are great for souvenirs, visiting Chinese pagodas and temples, and just to take in the sights and sounds as people go about their day. It’s a fantastic spot for some incredible photography.

Top Spots Singapore

  1. Singapore Zoo

This one gets me exceptionally excited when I talk about it. I visited here as a kid, and it’s easily among the most unforgettable experiences of my life. It’s a magical place, and this was where I saw Penguins for the first time (before I witnessed them in their natural habitat in Australia). The exhibits are enough to wow even the most well-travelled folk, as the Singapore Zoo has an exceptionally curated list of species. With enclosures that recreate natural habitats, it’ll definitely fire up your imagination.

Top Spots Singapore

  1. Orchard Road

This was where I stayed on my first trip to Singapore as a child. It’s a fantastic location in that it puts you right in the middle of all the action. All the shops, neon lights, cars zipping up and down, it’s the quintessential view of what one imagines Singapore to be. Fast and energetic. Naturally, shopping is the number one activity on this street!

Top Spots Singapore

  1. Merlion Park

We were lucky to be able to visit the famous Merlion on our most recent layover in Singapore (with the free tour from Changi Airport). The Merlion is the mascot of Singapore, half lion, half mermaid, it’s a fascinating beast and this gigantic sculpture of it with a waterfall gushing out of its mouth is among Singapore’s most photographed monuments. I’ve enjoyed it the most by night though, when the fountains come to live in a magical light and sound show.

Top Spots Singapore

  1. Sentosa

Sentosa, it’s got everything to make even the most rigid of adults feel like a kid again. It’s an entire island resort dedicated to fun. Whether it’s a quiet stroll through the gardens, and exhilarating flying trapeze, a wondrous stroll in the underwater aquariums, or just lying down on the beach, this place can keep anyone occupied for days.

Top Spots Singapore

  1. Singapore Flyer

While I’m a little squeamish about heights and rides that generally don’t let me keep my feet on the ground, I have to admit the Singapore Flyer is certainly worth the vertigo! This 30-minute ride is Singapore’s answer to the London Eye and is a great photo op, or for the more fearful, just a chance to look out at Singapore from a bird’s eye view. It’s great at sunset because that’s when all the lights of the city come to life.

Top Spots Singapore

  1. Little India

As Indians, we aren’t particularly thrilled by the Little India’s in different parts of the world. There never seems to be anything new that we haven’t seen before. However, the one in Singapore is definitely worth a stroll. The sights, sounds and even smells of this little district will remind you of home, but have its own quintessential Singapore touch, and that’s what we find fascinating. It’s a lovely blending of cultures and definitely a must-experience.

Top Spots Singapore



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