Tips to Choose Hotels in India

It’s often been said, India is a country like no other. It’s a bunch of nations within a nation, when it comes to the food, culture and overall experience to be had. No wonder then, that choosing hotels in India can be a tricky task, since it comes with its own set of quirks and nuances that probably don’t hold true across the world. Since it’s our home country, we thought we’d set out a bunch of tips to choose hotels in India, so you can keep these in mind while travelling in India.

Location, Location, Location:

If you’re looking at a city stay, such as the Hyatt Regency in Mumbai for instance, you don’t want to be spending a fair majority of your time in the notorious traffic jams of India’s cities. So try and find a hotel that’s located close to the spots you’ll be visiting. If you’re looking for a countryside stay, weigh your priorities between connectivity (time taken to get there and ease of travel) and locale (especially if you’re going there for nature).

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The earlier the better:

Naturally, the time of your booking matters. A month in advance (in our experience) is the sweet spot for those who are organised about trip plans. If however, you’re looking for last minute deals, then you’d have to hold on until a day or two prior, (which can be risky, but works for those who are willing to play the risk).

hotels in india

Packages are golden:

Wherever you take abode, efficient services really matter. And if you’re looking for a little plus from a hotel, the best way to do that, is get a package. Whether it’s breakfast, WiFi, an upgrade, a meal, spa voucher or anything else that the hotel offers, it’s the best way to get more bang for your buck, while enjoying whatever the hotel has to offer.

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The brand name matters:

Often, in India, it’s safer to go with one of the popular luxury hotel chains. Chains such as Oberoi Hotels are known for a certain kind of hospitality. We know we won’t go wrong with a hotel chain that has an unparalleled legacy in the country. The rooms, the service, even the food is going to be of a certain quality.

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Watch out for the new kids on the block:

There are however, a few spanking new hotels that are getting it right when it comes to being exciting and offering a brand new experience for the younger traveller. Point in case, the Casino Royale Goa that we’ve got our eye on for a while. There’s definitely a host of things to do at the property itself, and you won’t be stuck looking for entertainment whilst you’re there.

hotels in india

So there you have it. Our top tips to choose hotels in India. We hope these will make travelling in India much easier for you. Do you have any tricks up your sleeve? Any tried and tested tips of your own, when it comes to choosing hotels in India? Let us know in the comments below!


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