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Ghent Day Trip- Following our noses

We almost didn’t include this Ghent day trip on our Belgium Itinerary. To begin with, Belgium was a side trip squeezed in between the Netherlands and Sweden. At first glance, it seemed like a tiny sleepy town, not much unlike Bruges, and since we were already spending a couple of days in Bruges, it seemed like a waste of time to visit Ghent as well. Thankfully it was halfway between

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Old Tailem Town: The Town Australia Forgot

“Would you like some more milk in that tea, dears?” she asked, her voice laced with sugar, hobbling ever so slowly towards us, hands trembling as she balanced two cups in their saucers. “No, that’s quite all right, thanks,” I hastily jumped up to take the cups from her. “So where you two from?” she asked, as she settled down in her chair. I gulped. How were we supposed to tell

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