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The 5 spots to stay in the Algarve – Secrets from our road trip

The Algarve features 155 kms of gorgeous coastline and at first look, every beach seems as good as the next. So for our road trip, we found it next to impossible to shortlist the beaches in the Algarve. And figuring our where to stay in the Algarve was a daunting task indeed. Until we did our research. Now if you’re a regular reader, you know just how deep and thorough our

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Don’t Just Drive Through Tuscany – Secrets from our experience

If it’s a trip to Italy that’s on your mind, a drive through Tuscany probably ranks pretty high on the list of things you want to do. And sure enough, when we were planning our trip, we were both very sure we wanted to drive through the little hills and villages we’d seen during our research. We later discovered that there’s little that actually matches the experience of discovering these magical hill

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Old Tailem Town: The Town Australia Forgot

“Would you like some more milk in that tea, dears?” she asked, her voice laced with sugar, hobbling ever so slowly towards us, hands trembling as she balanced two cups in their saucers. “No, that’s quite all right, thanks,” I hastily jumped up to take the cups from her. “So where you two from?” she asked, as she settled down in her chair. I gulped. How were we supposed to tell

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5 solid reasons to drive through Australia

I don’t drive. So what on earth am I doing, writing about the joys of driving through Australia? Over the years I’ve returned to Australia for several road trips across various regions, always in the passenger seat. This summer (it was winter down under) I played navigator, videographer, backseat nagger and personal entertainer while Charles drove us across the Southern coast of Australia. Australia. The only reason I wish I could

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Moonlit Sanctuary, Mornington – The 12 animals you will meet in Australia

The Moonlit Sanctuary, Mornington snuck up on us out of the blue. As with every city we visit, a short day trip out of town to explore the surrounds sounded really tempting from Melbourne. But with only 6 days to experience the city and spend some time with our friends, I wondered if I’d get to show Charles the penguin parade that I’d witnessed when I was younger at Phillip

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The Great Ocean Road Guide

Note: As I sit here to write this out, I’m feeling thankful we did two rounds of prep while planning our drive on the Great Ocean Road. Charles took care of the practical aspects of driving, hiring a car and road rules, distances, fuel, gps routing, accommodation and a million other things I’d never be able to wrap my head around while I checked out all the sights and stops

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