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Pench Tiger Reserve – Encounters with Collarwali and her cubs

Pench Tiger Reserve isn’t the simplest terrain. After zipping around in what I imagined to be a haphazard and aimless manner across the National Park for a long time, I soon realised there was a method to the Pugdundee Safari guide’s madness. He knew just the spots to check, and was working his way through them in the order of probability of the tiger being there. The safari vehicles we’d

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Pench Tree Lodge – Living Mowgli’s life

Pench Tree Lodge has been on my mind ever since I found out about it’s opening in February this year. I’ve been wanting to discover the park and couldn’t wait to do it through Pugdundee Safaris since they’ve already wowed me with their experiences in Satpura (Denwa Backwater Escape), Kanha (Kanha Earth Lodge) and Bandhavgarh (King’s Lodge). The prospect of staying in a tree house had me super excited. While

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