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Ghent Day Trip- Following our noses

We almost didn’t include this Ghent day trip on our Belgium Itinerary. To begin with, Belgium was a side trip squeezed in between the Netherlands and Sweden. At first glance, it seemed like a tiny sleepy town, not much unlike Bruges, and since we were already spending a couple of days in Bruges, it seemed like a waste of time to visit Ghent as well. Thankfully it was halfway between

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Terezin, Prague – The Star Shaped Concentration Camp

Terezin. Even the sound of its name isn’t as clinical and pain-inducing as Auschwitz. It’s lilting, almost poetic, and doesn’t give away any of the pain it holds. Bereft of the wire fences, spotlights and gas chambers, it wasn’t an extermination camp. Naturally, I had never heard of it before we began our itinerary research for Prague & the Czech Republic. I skipped into the bus excited to get out

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Top 10 reasons to visit Melbourne (and never come back)

Choosing just 10 reasons to visit Melbourne is like an irony in itself. Melbourne was so very special to us from the moment we landed, and we could literally write a book on it! Top 10 reasons to visit Melbourne 1. The Coffee As coffee lovers, we thought we knew coffee. But we had no idea just how intense the coffee culture in Melbourne’s million cafes was. From lesser known

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Free Singapore Tour, Changi Aiport

The free Singapore tour, Changi Airport offers is a fabulous way to spend a long stopover regardless of whether you’ve visited Singapore earlier or not. We’ve both been to Singapore on numerous occasions either as children or later on work, so we didn’t really want to stop off in Singapore and spend in time there on our way to Australia but since it was a long layover at Changi Airport,

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San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai: Hot springs, umbrellas, silk and honey

San Kamphaeng is a district just outside of Chiang Mai (in Nothern Thailand) that we’d been told was well worth the half day trip. The local umbrella- making industry, silk factory, honey factory and of course the hot springs. At a good 40 kms away, we contemplated the day long detour, especially since we also needed to drop by the Grand Lanna at the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi for lunch

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