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Top 10 Things to do in Gothenburg, Sweden

I can’t believe I’m writing a “Things to do in Gothenburg” post, because our trip almost didn’t happen. And if you know just how obsessed we’ve been with Sweden in the past couple of years, you’ll know just how much this meant to us. Our obsession with all things Swedish probably began a million years ago with Ikea (just like everyone else) but went on to mean much much more

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The Prague Card – A great way to make your way through Prague

The reasons we’re talking about Museum Cards, and the Prague Card in particular, is if you’ve been following our blog for a while (or if you just scroll through our list of destinations), you’ll see we’re big fans of European cities. We’re museum junkies and we’ve been screaming ourselves hoarse about the whole tourist v/s traveller debate. The thing is, those sites are popular and famous and bucketlist worthy for

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The Thing About Paris

Paris. Probably the most visited tourist destination in the world. Probably the most romanticised, overhyped, extravagant cliché of them all. But I fell in love with Paris 10 years before I saw it for the first time. As a student of the French language, it was easy to fall in love with this utopian city that seemed to embody all things French. From the first time I learned to pronounce

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Melbourne Laneways – Graffiti and sprained necks

We’d heard lots about the famous Melbourne laneways. It’s among the top things to see and do in Melbourne for sure. We looked up enough to be completely boggled by the sheer expanse of these crisscrossing streets filled with art and other quirks. Did I just call graffiti art? Yes. Because that’s precisely how it’s seen in Melbourne. Treated with as much gravitas and respect as other forms of art

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