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Top 5 Places to Revisit

We didn’t think we’d ever do a post on the Top 5 Places to Revisit, but here we are. We’ve always treated every single trip of ours like it’s the last time we’ll ever go there (so that it feels like the trip of a lifetime, every single time). But there are some places we left little pieces of our hearts, and we know we aren’t done with those places

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San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai: Hot springs, umbrellas, silk and honey

San Kamphaeng is a district just outside of Chiang Mai (in Nothern Thailand) that we’d been told was well worth the half day trip. The local umbrella- making industry, silk factory, honey factory and of course the hot springs. At a good 40 kms away, we contemplated the day long detour, especially since we also needed to drop by the Grand Lanna at the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi for lunch

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Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi, Chiang Mai – Of oriental opulence

Chiang Mai really did surprise us. In part it was also due to the magical phenomenon that is the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi. Set in the outskirts of the city, the sprawling luxury resort has been modeled after the kingdom of Siam. They had successfully incorporated every cultural and historical element to render it authentic, all the while ensuring they never scrimped on luxury. Getting around the sprawling property could

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Le Grand Lanna, Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi, Chiang Mai – A secret cuisine

When our Thailand frequenter friends who are foodies told us the street food in Thailand is so good you won’t want to eat in a restaurant, we didn’t believe them. Then we spent 3 days in Bangkok and 1 in Chiang Mai, and we understood what they meant. But that didn’t mean we weren’t curious to find out what a restaurant experience would be like. What would a gourmet Thai meal comprise?

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