Secret Beaches in India – 5 on our Bucketlist

Beachbum has probably been at the top of Charles’ “What he wants to be when he grows up” list. So naturally, we’re constantly on the lookout for secret beaches whenever we travel around the world. But over the years, our travel radar has realised that we needn’t look for some splendid, pristine and beautiful beaches outside of India, because there are some hidden in our very own country.

The 5 Secret Beaches in India on our Bucketlist

Whenever we have friends or family visiting India, our first note to them is, India is several countries. With so many cultures to experience, it’s really difficult to give them a true “Indian” experience in just a few days. City hops, jungle safaris, riverside retreats, monument gazing, feasting on cuisines, shopping for exotic wares, the list is virtually endless, and they’re in need of a vacation from a vacation by the time we’re done listing these out. The best antidote to all of this fear of missing out? The beach. India has a whopping coastline on three sides and there are all the regular suspects like Goa and Kerala for beachside pleasures. But there’s a wealth of gems studded across the coastline, hidden from plain sight, making these secret beaches all the more rewarding.

  1. Puri, Orissa

Surfers’ delight, Puri beach has a lot more than it’s overwhelming sacred significance. A popular attraction among pilgrims of Lord Jagannath, makes it all the more perfect for a bit of downtime. With delicious food from the shacks at the beach to handicraft shopping on the beachfront, a chance to ride horses, marvel at the beautiful sand sculptures, browse pearls and seashell souvenirs, all of which is even grander in November at the annual Puri Beach Festival. Can’t wait to see it for yourself? Book online hotels in Puri right away!

Secret Beaches

2.  Yarada Beach, Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is probably the last state you’d imagine would feature on a best beaches list. But Yarada, a quick 15 km hop from Vishakhapatnam is just that and more. Gorgeous golden sands gleam in this tropical paradise, and you’ll be rubbing your eyes in disbelief when you spot the beautiful green hills that it is flanked by. Stand there, and you’re sure to be spellbound by the nature’s best while you stare out at the Bay of Bengal. Come away to this lesser known coastline for one of those, “I’ve been someplace few others have” kind of travel stories.

Secret Beaches

3. Radhanagar Beach, Andamans

The Andamans, India’s answer to Mauritius and the Seychelles, have long been on our list, and we really should get there soon before it turns completely commercial. While it has received a bad rap for having turned rather commercial already, there are a few secrets, and we’re letting out this one: Radhanagar Beach at Havelock. Picture all those things you’ve seen in the pretty brochures but found too pretty to believe – finely ground white sands with sparkly turquoise waters lapping at their shores, and immaculate shoreline that seems to go on forever. It’s only 12 km away from the ferry pier at Havelock, leaving behind all noise and chaos rather quickly. It’s the perfect spot to cut off from your busy city life, and sit back marvelling at the beauty of nature.

Secret Beaches

4. Tarkarli Beach, Maharashtra

Being a Maharashtrian, I can’t stress on this one enough. Not enough of Maharashtra’s beautiful gems is explored or spoken about in mainstream media, and while I shouldn’t be complaining, since that leaves these spots blissfully untouched, there’s so much people are missing out on! I have several friends with ancestral homes in this region, and going by what I’ve heard from them, Tarkarli is beautiful. Picture a tiny strip of sand, jutting out into the water, picture yourself watching the fishermen do their thing in the distant horizon, and walking up to them to convince them to cook you a delicious meal once they’re back. Located at the confluence of the rivers Karli and the Arabian sea, this beach is only 500 km from Mumbai. And it isn’t all lazy days and the risk of boredom, for these beaches have loads of water adventures to let you completely experience the pristine waters – snorkelling, parasailing and scuba diving aren’t unheard of here.

Secret Beaches

5. Secret Beach, Kerala

With a name like that, we couldn’t leave Secret Beach off this list. Situated in what has come to be known as God’s own country, it doesn’t get more blissful than this. Kerala has long been touted as the destination for rest and relaxation with it’s sultry weather, swaying coconut fronds, rejuvenating Ayurveda and laid back vibe. We’ve returned from this beautiful land feeling completely recharged and we can’t wait to return. Imagine all of that, coupled with vast expanses of untouched white sands, isolated from hordes of tourists and their cacophony. It’s the perfect locale for a relaxed holiday destination where you can literally tune out and kick back. Located well off the worn tourist trail, Secret Beach lies tucked away, 13 km from the town of Alappuzha.

Secret Beaches

So there you have it, our favourite secret beaches in India that we can’t wait to discover for ourselves. Have you discovered any? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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