How to Score the Best Flights

We’re constantly on the prowl when it comes to being ready to jump and book our next trip. Whether it’s a quick spontaneous getaway or a large bucket list trip we’ve been planning forever, here’s how we make it happen by scoring great flights.

Set a price alert

There are several aggregator services that let you set up a price alert on flights. Key in your destinations, enter your email ID, and sit back. Doing this well in advance ensures you get timely alerts and know just when the price is right to buy.

Keep an eye out for sales

There are several airlines out there like Spice jet that have frequent flash sales. It’s a great time to keep your tentative travel plans ready or make spontaneous ones. After all, a great deal on a flight isn’t going to stick around for too long!

Keep an eye out for promotions

There are loads of other promotions constantly on offer. Whether it’s cashback offers or co-branded discounts, keep an eye out for these banners as they pop up across the internet. I’m certainly what you’d call a click-through junkie!

Join a frequent flyer programme

We cannot stress about this one point enough! It’s such a great way to ensure that your loyalty gets paid off. Whether it’s simply by aggregating your credit card reward points, or by ensuring all your spends rack up, frequent flier programmes are a great way to get elite status, upgrades and reward flights!

What are your top tips for scoring great flights? Do share them with us in the comments!



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  • There are few other things here. Like sometimes on a Wednesday for no reason they’ll have a sale period for some time. And when you said SpiceJet, we must be aware there are lot of flight cancellations happening from this airline.

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