Why you should plan a road trip in France

If you’re the kind of person who likes freedom and adventure and hates having to be limited by bus schedules, flights and fixed itineraries, a road trip in France might be the perfect holiday idea. France boasts a varied landscape, wonderful attractions scattered all throughout the country, and a great infrastructure for car travel, so if you decide to spend your next holiday here, it would be such a pity to just stay the whole time in Paris, however romantic and exciting the city might be.
Here are just a few of the reasons why you should plan a road trip through France!

You Can Experience “Real” France

Driving through the country and getting off the beaten track is an immense opportunity to discover how life in France really is, what values they believe in, and how rich their culture is. While big tourist attractions like Paris, Lyon or the French Riviera are certainly a must-see, driving to these destinations and stopping along the way in some of the many picturesque towns gives you the opportunity to see the country and experience it like most tourists never will.
Road Trip in France

You Will Taste Heavenly Food Wherever You Stop

France is renowned for exquisite food, but you don’t need to spend a fortune in one of those luxurious Parisian restaurants to have a taste of their delicacies. French cuisine is absolutely amazing regardless of when and where hunger strikes you. You can enjoy delicious traditional dishes whether you stop at a remote B&B, a highway rest area, a mountaintop restaurant, or in one of the sleepy French towns like Chaource.
Road Trip in France

You Can Explore Remote Beaches

Many come to France to enjoy a luxurious holiday by the sea, and therefore the most renowned resorts are usually very crowded. A road trip through the country will give you the opportunity to stop anywhere you want and adventure into less known areas, allowing you to discover some of the most magnificent secluded beaches where you can enjoy peace and tranquillity (for free!). You will surely enjoy Calanque de Sugiton in Bouches-du-Rhône if you are up for a challenging hike to get to this little gem, or Etretat Plage in Seine-Maritime if dramatic cliffs and windsurfing are your cup of tea.
Road Trip in France

There’s Simply So Much to See and Do!

You can visit beautiful cities and historical sites such as Toulouse, Reims, Château de Thenissey, or Cathédrale Notre Dame or turn the Wine Country inside out. You can explore magnificent landscapes, from mountains to marshlands and coastal eras, or go off-roading for an even more thrilling adventure. You can go on a cultural journey and hunt for art all throughout France, or explore the countryside and see French rural life. There are just so many opportunities that you can take advantage of only if you plan a road trip here and enjoy the freedom and flexibility it gives you!
Road Trip in France

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure driving through France? Make sure you get car hire excess insurance when renting a car and read up on the country’s regulations for drivers, so that nothing hinders the amazing experience you’re bound to have!


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