The Prague Card – A great way to make your way through Prague

The reasons we’re talking about Museum Cards, and the Prague Card in particular, is if you’ve been following our blog for a while (or if you just scroll through our list of destinations), you’ll see we’re big fans of European cities. We’re museum junkies and we’ve been screaming ourselves hoarse about the whole tourist v/s traveller debate. The thing is, those sites are popular and famous and bucketlist worthy for a reason, and we certainly can’t visit their cities without finding out what’s so special about them for ourselves. The results vary, but we’ve never found ourselves regretting having gone and seen those historic/ cultural sites. So while we nearly always throw in a getaway to the smaller towns and villages, stroll into a not so touristy neighbourhood, find ourselves in a restaurant full of locals where nobody speaks English, the “touristy” sites are definitely at the top of our list. And I’m sure they’re on yours too. After all, you can’t go ALL the way to Prague and not see the Prague Castle, right?


Enter Museum Cards

We love this nifty little concept that’s been finding its way into the most frequented cities in Europe. What is it? It’s a card that gives you free, skip-the-line or discounted access to a list of attractions in the city usually with some freebies like public transport, discounted tours, magnets, maps etc thrown in. Most Museum Cards come in a range of validity options, which is great because you can really get the most out of them regardless of how long you’ll be in the city. We’ve had fantastic experiences in the past with the Paris Museum Pass and the Firenze Card. So naturally, when we were heading to Prague, we had to try out the Prague Card.

The Prague Card

Waiting for us, when we checked into our room at the Aria Hotel, Prague was this neat kit with loads of brochures, magnets and a pair of Prague cards.

Prague Card


What’s included

  • Free Public Transport – Bus, Metro, Tram, River Ferries and Petřín Funicular
  • Free Airport Express – bus for your airport transfer
  • Free Bus Tour – 2-hour Historical Prague Tour
  • Free entry to Prague Castle – St.Vitus Cathedral, Royal Palace, Golden Lane, St.George’s Basilica
  • Free entry to Jewish Museum – synagogues and famous Old Jewish Cemetery (6 sites)
  • Free entry to 50 attractions and significant DISCOUNTS on access to another 30+ attractions
  • Discounted tours, cruises, concerts, restaurants with discounts up to -50%
  • Free Guidebook packed with information about the attractions in 7 languages

Prague Card

How to use it

We got the one that’s valid for 3 consecutive days. To validate it, you need to write (with the pen provided) your name and the date on the back. And pop it into your pocket ready to whip out wherever you need.


What we did with it

Public transport – We took a whole lot of trams and metros all the time, and using a Prague card for those was super easy. No need to swipe, validate or get tickets of any kind. You just carry the card on your person ready to show it to anyone who asks. I cannot even begin to stress on how much of a blessing this was. To be able to run and just jump onto a bus, tram or metro without having to worry about buying and validating tickets! That saved us a whole lot of hassle!

Prague Card

Museums and attractions – Getting through a lot of these allowed us to skip the lines, and of course free entry in a few! Since we were going to be in Prague for a whole two weeks, we probably didn’t max it out, because we wanted to take it slow. But it was still a great deal wasn’t it?

  • Mucha Museum (20% Discount)
  • Klementinum (25% Discount)
  • Astronomical Clock and Tower Climb (Free Entry)
  • Museum of Medieval Art (Free Entry)
  • Prague Castle Tour B (Free Entry)
  • Lobkowicz Palace (50% Discount)

Prague Card

Prague Card

Prague Card

Prague Card

Prague Card

So the next time you’re headed into Prague or any other European city for that matter, look up the Museum card. It’s certainly worth considering!

There’s a nifty little calculator if you want to figure out whether the Prague Card worth getting. Check it out here. Buy your own Prague card online (and have it delivered to wherever you’ll be, as an added convenience) here.

This post was made possible by Prague Tourism. Opinions as always, are our own.

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“The Prague Card – A great way to make your way through Prague”
  • Wow- that card looks like it is really loaded with a lot of goodies. We are always on the hunt for budget travel tips, and appreciate the information you have provided here. As always, your photography is gorgeous. Love the clock photo in particular 🙂

  • We’ve been to Prague at least 4 times but have actually never used the Prague card. It is such a cheap destination and we aren’t big museum people, but looking at what it covers, I’m shocked we’ve never considered it! I’ll put in on my list of things to remember the next time we are in town

  • This card sounds so convenient – I visited Prague a few years ago and would love to return to see more of the sights. I remember walking everywhere and having transport included with this is a real godsend

  • In Prague, this card is probably worth it just for the transportation alone. I don’t visit a lot of museums when I travel, cuz we’re out eating all the food, but I do like taking bus tours around the city to get a lay of the land. And like you said, you have to go to the Prague Castle. Some things are just a given.

  • Great suggestion. I like getting these cards in any cities they are available for. Prague (and Budapest) top my bucket list and I had hoped to visit both this April but due to scheduling, I have to miss Prague. Such a bummer. For now I will just enjoy your great photos.

  • Thanks for sharing the “secrets” about museum cards. I am familiar only with the ones in Paris and had no idea they are available in several other countries as well. It’s true visiting museums can add up, so these cards are the perfect way save money while enjoying the sites and learning about the culture. Definitively looking into this for my next European trip.

  • I’m a museum person too, so I’d love this, and the fact that it makes jumping on and off public transportation even easier a huge bonus! Saving this post as Prague is high on my list!

  • I believe that the city cards if are used correctly can save you a lot of money. Another bonus is the skip the line they have. I haven’t been to Prague yet but I will certainly buy a city card as I am a museum’s buff too.

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