How to Plan a Road Trip – Lessons from our drives

We’ve been big fans of roadtrips for a while now. What began as quick jaunts from Mumbai like driving down to Nashik or Pune snowballed into a massive roadtrip across Australia’s Great Ocean Road and most recently we did a small part of Tuscany the way it should be done – on a drive.

Map your path


This is the first step when you plan a roadtrip. Whether it’s a straightforward drive from one destination to another, or a meandering one to explore an entire region, there are usually a host of paths that could get you there. Check Google maps, and decide on which path you’re going to follow basis things like stops along the way, fuel stations, safety, distances, and of course the experience. If you want to see the countryside, choose the smaller winding roads over the busy freeways.

Check license requirements

Ensure your license is valid, upto date and you have all the necessary permissions. If you’ll be driving in another country, check the requirements for that.

Book your stays

Once you’ve decided on the path you’ll be taking, figure the stops you’ll be making along the way. Some roadtrip stops may be determined by how often you’ll have to fuel up your car, some basis interesting attractions you’d like to see or experience and more often than not, basis how much is physically doable in a day. Be practical about how much you think you can drive in a day. Find hotels that will be easy to get to, and more importantly have 24 hour receptions if you’ll be checking in late in the day.

Rent a car

Naturally if you have your own you may not need to consider this step. However, take into consideration the kind of vehicle you have and the terrain through which you’ll be driving. You may find that renting an SUV is a good idea for the region. Compare costs, take into consideration any deposits, pick up and drop off points and other paperwork required.

Do the paperwork

The experience of renting a car can be hassle free one if you’ve got all the paperwork behind it. That includes getting the car insured. You’ll find a good car insurance online and it’ll take a huge weight off your shoulders. Always, always travel with insurance. It’s better to be safe than sorry, it really is.

Pack Right

We tend to take packing for a road trip far lightly, primarily because it’s so easy to just throw things in last minute. But don’t forget to stock up on the snacks, first aid, garbage bags and keep things within easy reach so you don’t have to keep pulling over to fish something out of the boot.

Have Fun

Looks less daunting when you dissect it like this doesn’t it? Now that you’ve figured how to plan a roadtrip where are you headed on your next road trip? We’re hoping to do one in the summer! More details soon!



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