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Don’t we all wish we had that one friend, someone who’s a local, an insider who’s got the dish on what’s hot, what’s not, where to go, what to see and how to do it when we travel someplace? As a part of our City Insider series, we bring you the Paris Insider. Easy, simple and quick tips to help you manoeuvre the city of light like a local and experience that certain je ne sais quoi for your self.

Paris Insider: Sasha Romary for Savoir Faire Paris

Find a happy balance between itinerary planning and spontaneous experiences. It is always good to do some research to get familiar with the layout and any restaurants or shops that you may be interested in before arriving. Many of Paris’ best restaurants require reservations a few weeks in advance and it is always nice to have a list of must-see spots that you want to hit. Additionally, as most restaurants stop serving food between 2pm and 7pm, planning your meals will help ensure that you leave Paris with a full tummy of some of the best food in the world.

At the same time, the real magic and essence of Paris is discovered through walking the city and stumbling upon new or hidden spots like the Passage Molière in the 3rd arrondissement just behind the Centre Pompidou that is filled with charming boutiques and little afternoon coffee spots. Paris is filled with hidden gems so make sure to take the time to walk the city. Don’t be afraid to get lost in it’s winding streets – you might stumble upon something magical!

Paris Insider

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Sasha Romary is the founder and CEO of Savoir Faire Paris, the ultimate english-speaking personal concierge and lifestyle service in Paris. Providing a superior personalised service, Savoir Faire Paris allows visitors to experience a more personalised Paris. They exist to simplify and enhance the lives of clients. They do the work so that visitors can enjoy their time in Paris to the fullest! For more, visit www.savoirfaireparis.com, read their blog, or follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.



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