Mauritius Activities Part I – Water Sports

Whether it’s floating around or diving to the sea bed, there’s so much to do in the pristine Mauritian waters.

On our trip to Mauritius, we discovered that booking any activity/ tour in Mauritius is super easy, from internet travel agents, tour offices on every street in Mauritius, and even your hotel concierge. It usually turns out much much cheaper if you club a few activities together, so decide which you want to do, and whoever you do approach, will be more than willing to tailor-make a package for you! All activities, are usually safe, with experienced handlers and durable equipment.

Tip: Your taxi/ concierge will try getting you to book a tour with his friend, and if you decline he might try ensuring you don’t find the pick up point/office to the tour you intended to use initially, or try to get you there late. But they’re pretty friendly, and if you’re firm, they will get the message.

Mauritius Activities – Water Sports

With 160 kms of stunning coastline, the most natural thing to do in Mauritius is frolic in the water. That includes some relaxed and laid back activities, and some intensely adrenaline- pumping ones.

Water Ski:

Skim along the water’s surface, standing upright on skis, holding a tow rope, pulled along by a motorboat. Best experienced in Grand Baie and Trou d’eau Douce where the lagoon keeps the waters calm.40 Euros for 30 minutes. Ages 9+, basic swimming skills required.

Sea Hover / Sea Kart:

Take a fun self drive all day trip on this little boat-like contraption that accommodates 2 adults and a child to tour the beautiful little islands off the coast of Mauritius. 500 Euros. Ages: 16+ (Driver), 8+ (Passenger)


Stand on a surfboard and control your speed, acceleration and direction with the sails. Lessons conducted in the mornings in the calm Le Morne peninsula. 2, 6 and 10 hour beginners courses at 110, 185 and 275 Euros respectively.


Hang on to a parachute, towed by a boat as you enjoy a bird’s eye view of the coastline. Best in Grand Baie, Trou d’eau Douce, Ile aux Cerfs, a 5 to 15 minute ride costs 30-35 Euros. Ages 6+

Sea Kayaking:

Paddle through the water discovering the islands, seated in a single or double kayak. 60-80 Euros a day. Ages 8+

Sea Plane:

Take off from and land on water, when you enjoy breathtaking views from a private seaplane. From 160 to 290 Euros for a 30 to 60 minute ride.


Go from 8 to 50 metres deep, to explore the magnificent flora, fauna, fish, sharks, caves and wrecks around Grand Baie. From beginners to experienced levels, varies between 55 to 39 Euros a dive.

Dolphin Spotting & Swimming with Dolphins:

We actually did this one. And it was an unforgettable experience. You get into a speed boat, and into the sea off the coast of Tamarin. After a bit of hunting you finally spot them. First you see a few. Their dolphin noses popping out of the water. Look harder, and you realise there’s hundreds of them. The boat overtakes them, and your guide tells you this is the time to jump in. Put on your swim goggles, flippers, snorkeling gear and jump in. Keep your head down and look around to spot more of them. The water’s a bit choppy, and while you try to fight your fear, the dolphins have moved on. So the boat goes on, and overtakes them and stops once again. Giving you a second chance to jump in.
And I’m so glad I did. I sputtered around for a bit, and when I looked down, I saw a dolphin pass me at arm’s length. I could reach out and touch it. It was beautiful. Being in there, in the wild waters, their home, alongside them. They made a rhythmic splish splosh as they jumped through the water, the Spinner dolphins realised they were being watched, so they put on a show for us. Jumping high up in the air, twirling around, and falling back into the water with a big splash. It was just beautiful. A trip takes 2 hours, with a 90% chance of spotting dolphins or the next trip is free, 32 Euros. Not recommended for pregnant women.

Whale Watching:

Further out to sea, get a chance to gasp at the enormous humpback and sperm whales as they splash in and out of the water. This speedboat trip, available off Tamarin Bay can be done together with the Dolphin tour in a single boat journey. Else, it takes 4 hours with a 60% chance of spotting whales, this is an expensive trip as they don’t offer refunds. 48 Euros, Ages 7+, not recommended for pregnant women.

For Dolphin and Whale trips we recommend Dolswim an environmentally friendly company that respects the rights of the gorgeous creatures.

Underwater Sea Walk:

This was a slightly scary but extremely rewarding experience that we believe everyone must have. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, that’s actually very safe, even for non-swimmers and children. We took off from Trou d’eau Douce on the East coast in a small boat, got onto a large raft where we wore underwater shoes, and the instructor placed a large helmet with a transparent visor over our heads, into which they constantly pump oxygen. Then they tied weights around our waist to ensure we wouldn’t keep bobbing up, and then lowered us into the water by a ladder. A life guard accompanied us, as we walked around on the sea bed, admiring this completely new world down there. Soft white sands and corals at our feet, fish swimming around us in the crystal blue waters, we fed the fish, and even danced. The only funny bit was we were all walking at an acute angle to the ground because of the weight of the helmets. And the current was really strong, so walking ahead required us to muster up all of our strength. The entire excursion takes about 1.5 hours, ages 7+, non swimmers allowed. Costs 37 Euros.


Mauritius is famous for some great big game fishing with perfect conditions for fish like Giant Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Mako Sharks, Tuna, Bonito, Wahoo, Sailfish or Dorado for both experienced anglers and beginners. Deep Sea fishing can be done from Grand Bay or Black River, from a 40 or 47 ft boat ideal for 3 anglers and 8-10 passengers, for a half day or full day trip. These exclusive trips with experienced anglers cost between 15-45 Euros per head or 300-700 Euros a boat.

We recommend JP Henry Charters. They had an enthusiastic, passionate and experienced staff, and some great affiliations, oh and they’ve been around forever.

JP Henry’s interesting office, bar and shop

Catamaran Tour:

The best way to enjoy everything Mauritius has to offer with a day full of sun, drinks, delicious food, fun, and relaxation. Whether full day or half day, most cruises are a luxury experience aboard a 42 ft catamaran, that take you on a tour around the bay or one of the islands mentioned below. Breathtaking views, a chance to take a dip in the water, eat, drink and be merry! These cruises can cost anything from 35 Euros per person for a few hours up to 1000 Euros for an entire boat on an overnight cruise.

Jet speed boat:

A jet speed boat is a quick and exhilarating way to get around on the water. Choose from a speed boat for one of your other activities, or just a half day/ full day tour of the neighbouring islands. Most speedboat tours include food, drink, and some time to sunbathe and swim. Speed boat trips are usually coupled with some other activity and can cost anything from 40 Euros per person to over 400 Euros for a private boat.

Glass Bottom Boat:

The crystal clear waters, colorful flora, fauna and other sea life, make what’s under Mauritian waters a world worth visiting. Enjoy a trip in a glass bottom boat around the Blue Bay Marine Park, just to ogle at the world beneath or jump in and snorkel. A 2 hour trip costs 18 Euros per person.

Semi Submarine Trip:

This vessel that resembles a surfaced submarine, has seats below the waterline, Discover the world of corals and fish underwater without getting wet, or jump in and snorkel. Ideal for kids. 1.5 hour trip costs 15 Euros per person up to 900 Euros a boat.

Underwater Scooter:

Pilot your own underwater scooter by yourself or in pairs, 3-4 metres deep, and experience a magnificent underwater world in the North. Ideal for non-swimmers too, ages 8+, this 2 hour excursion costs from 75 Euros per person to 150 Euros per scooter.


A few boats, kayaks etc will lead you to one the the beautiful islands. Choose from Ile aux Cerfs, Ile aux Aigrettes, Ile d’ambre, Ilot Mangenie, Ile des Deux Cocos, Gabriel Island, Coin de Mire, Flat Island or Benitiers Island. Discover beautiful sands, corals, waters, and flora and fauna.

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