Top Reasons To Book a Luxury Villa Rental by the Sea

While we’re the kind of people who love the hospitality and luxury of hotels, there are times when even the most luxe hotel doesn’t quite cut it. And that’s when we look for luxury villa rentals. As I write this, Charles is on a flight back from a road trip across France, Tuscany and Switzerland, and he stayed in a luxury villa at each of these locations. Going by the pictures he sent me, I’m definitely wanting to book one on our next trip too. Hopefully somewhere by the sea, perhaps Mauritius or Ile de Ré. And you’ll want to too, once you’ve read this:


  1. Size:

Hotel rooms are usually very cramped, and unless you’re going to be out sight-seeing all day every day, it can be extremely uncomfortable and the complete opposite of relaxing to not have space. When you’re on a holiday, you want to be able to stay in, while also enjoying the outdoors, the sea-breeze, lounging on a deck or terrace and having more than a tiny four-walled space.


  1. Price:

If you’re travelling in a large group of family or friends, a luxurious private villa turns out cheaper per head than an all-inclusive resort or hotel room.


  1. Food:

While you won’t have room service, you will have access to the freshest local ingredients and the freedom to cook them just how you like, (or even have the house staff get the private chef to whip something up for you) at the villa. The same goes for alcohol. Without the added luxury tax, drinking the most expensive alcohol is suddenly affordable when picked up from duty free on your way in!

Luxury Villa Rental

  1. Facilities:

When booking a luxury villa, it’s easy to find one with the same facilities as a resort – WiFi, DVD Players and iPod docks, Satellite TV, and all the gadgets you need in the kitchen or for a BBQ. Some villas even feature saunas, Jacuzzis, Playstations, Pool Tables and Gyms. And the best part? You don’t have to line up or wait your turn!


  1. Privacy

From going skinny dipping in the private swimming pool, or roaming around in your bathing suit, from blasting your favourite music, to mixing up your own drinks at any time of the day or night, the privacy that you can enjoy with a private luxury villa is incomparable.


  1. Location

Luxury villas, as we’ve come to discover often enjoy the best locations. Especially when it comes to the sea, you won’t find a sprawling resort enjoying that tiny slice of island, or a precarious spot at the edge of a cliff. The luxury of having your own little piece of paradise in the best location around, is usually reserved for private villas. And the views are always the best, since they’ve usually been constructed to make the most of beach views (everything from the bedrooms to the bathrooms usually enjoy this stunning view).

Luxury Villa Rental

  1. Luxury

Perhaps it has to do with the more personalised attention to detail that a Villa owner will pay to his or her property, but I’ve notice the level of luxury woven into private villas these days is far ahead than that of hotels. From technology, to better quality fittings, to even luxury concierge service, it’s usually the private villas that spend a little bit more to get a little bit more.


  1. Peace

I don’t know about you, but for some reason Charles and I are child-magnets on vacation. There’s something with the way our stars are aligned that ensure we’re surrounded by noisy children. Or there was the time we took a break from our hectic day jobs in advertising, escaping to a beautiful resort in the Philippines only to discover an Indian film crew had taken over most of the resort that weekend. With a private luxury villa, you don’t have to worry about anyone or anything ruining your peace, and you won’t have a bunch of screaming kids in the pool either.


  1. Security

You don’t have to worry about leaving any of your precious belongings lying around, because the private villa is, well, all yours. So the security is definitely among our top reasons to choose a private luxury villa.


  1. Low Season

While hotels aren’t as price sensitive as they once were, villas still let you make the most of the low season, and you know you’ll end up with a fantastic deal, especially if it’s a weekday or a last minute booking.

Luxury Villa Rental

We’re pretty sure these reasons have you hankering to book your next luxury villa vacation! Here’s an idea, why don’t you look for something in Mauritius or Ile de Ré? Villanovo has a stunning collection of villas that we’re certainly eyeing, and since we know we will be headed back to Mauritius someday soon, we hope to be able to book one of these! Have you ever booked a private luxury villa by the sea? What did you like most about it?

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