Luxury Travel on a Budget

It’s almost the end of another travel-licious year for us at Different Doors, and as we do each year, we sit down and reflect on important travel realisations we’ve had, and pen them into a thought piece for you. This year’s been all about reflection for us. We’ve adopted a more minimalistic lifestyle, paring down to what we consider essentials. Things that serve a purpose, or give us joy. And it isn’t only with our possessions. It’s with our luxury travel bookings too.


But here’s the big difference. Being discerning and selective about what we choose to spend our travel money on, doesn’t necessarily mean going on an all-out budget. After all, we are the quintessential luxury-loving travelers. How does that work, you ask? By making choices, we say. Choose your luxuries wisely.


How we choose our luxury travel expenses:


  1. How much will you enjoy it?

When it comes to choosing our hotels, we decide basis what the destination is and what we’re planning on doing there. In big cities, where we’ll be out sight-seeing from morning to night, we don’t splurge too much on the hotel, because, well, we simple won’t be using it that much. But in a smaller town that has less to do, or even a city where we have a more relaxed itinerary, we’ll go for a nice blowout hotel because we know we’ll actually be enjoying the luxuries we’re paying for, whether it’s a one-bedroom suite or a gorgeous spa and pool. Check out the Shangri La Hotels for our top picks of luxury stays in Bengaluru.

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  1. What is your state of being?

When it comes to choosing airline carriers or class of travel, we decide basis our state of being and need for luxury on that specific leg. For instance, a short haul to Bangkok, something local where we’re travelling during the day and have the energy and frame of mind to go on a low-cost airline like Indigo airlines (which we recommend highly for their punctuality) or an Economy class. For longer hauls, an Economy class makes sense when we’re flying by day or at the beginning of a trip. Budget permitting, we always try and book at least a Premium Economy for long hauls that need us to be well-rested when we land. (That extra legroom, reclining seat and footrest makes all the difference.)

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This, is of course just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other choices to be made at every point on your trip, should you pay for lounge access, should you get a pre-booked meet and greet, an uber or just hop onto a train or bus from the airport, should you do it yourself, or get a guided tour. The list is endless, but once you have a system for making choices, finding your way is easy.


So there you have it, our top tips for enjoying Luxury Travel on a Budget. Do you do the same when you travel? Tell us, what are your tips and tricks?

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