Things We Should Learn from Ladakh and its People

Life and learning are simply inseparable! It is either life following learning, or it is learning that completes different phases of life! Starting from our very first day on this earth, to the endless moments we spend here, life always offers us something new, something unknown and something mysterious!

And while talking about learning from life, there is this one place that will always inspire you to explore life, discover its many facets, and follow some of the simple rules to make life happier! If this has you thinking about Ladakh, you are right!

One of the highest travel destinations in the world, Ladakh tourism not only introduces us to the enchanting beauty of nature, but also inspires us to know more about life. If you have already been to this heart-warming tourist destination in Kashmir, you probably know how inspiring it is; and if not, here are some of the things that you must learn while visiting Ladakh:


  1. Fight All the Odds and Evens in Life

The journey of life is quite adventurous in itself! While at times, it takes us up above everything, it can make us fall down to our knees during the other! But then, irrespective of whether we are going through good times or bad times, we must accept life whole-heartedly. We must accept as well as appreciate life in all its forms, and to learn or know how to achieve this, we must visit the magical lands of Ladakh.

Studded with high and towering mountains, deep ravines, enthralling passes and challenging terrains, life in Ladakh is more about the ups and downs of nature. However, what can inspire you in Ladakh is its natives’ positivity towards life and the spirit to fight back at all the odds and evens in life.


  1. Keep Smiling in Life

For all we know, happiness is the reflection of a heart that has faith, hope and belief. Happiness is all about how selflessly we accept life, how much our lips can curve or to live every moment rather than planning for what happens next!

On a visit to Ladakh, you can experince happiness taking over your heart and soul! Adding more to its celestial beauty, it is the smile that is worn by all Ladakhis, that makes Ladakh one of the happiest places to visit in India. Amidst all their lively struggles, they never forget to keep their lips curved! A few days or moments spent with the locals of Ladakh will not only teach you how to accept life in every form, but will also infect you with their everlasting smiles.


  1. Stay Close to Nature

Nature has its own ways of enticing its enthusiasts and lovers! Everything around us is inter-connected with each other, and also has a direct impact on nature. The more we care for Mother Nature, the more we get from it.

If you are still wondering about the heavenly beauty of Ladakh; its snow-clad mountains and valleys, alpine forests and gurgling rivers, you must learn from the ways the Ladakhi people worship Mother Nature! They not only depend or rely on the nature, but have also made it a custom to be respectful towards it, to preserve its meticulous beauty and have synchronised their lives with the way nature wants them to be!


  1. Peace and Brotherhood

Cultural differences, discrimination on colour, language, religious background and other aspects not only kill innocent lives, but also kill humanity in the most brutal way! For a society, community or country to be harmonious, there should exist no boundaries, barriers, religious discrepancy or other social issues.

While on the topic of peace and universal brotherhood, we all should admire Ladakh and its natives.  Centuries have passed, rulers have changed, history has been created, but Ladakh is still untouched by the hands of atrocity, social gimmicks, treachery, and other elements that could disrupt its peaceful lives. Here in Ladakh, everyone is somehow related to each other! For them, it is a family; and maintaining love, peace and brotherhood in the family is their moral and foremost duty.


  1. Life is all about Celebration

Celebration is all about cheerfulness, joyous moments, vigour and colours! Life without celebration is just incomplete, dull and colourless! For humans, celebration is not only about gala moments, but it also teaches us to overcome our hard days and show our gratitude towards the creator.

On a quick visit to the mystical lands of Ladakh, you can witness how jovial the natives of Ladakh are! They not only celebrate religious festivals whole-heartedly, but also take active part in community revelry and jollification. Be it a marriage or a child birth, Ladakhis don’t miss out on having a fiesta of a time!


  1. Hospitality

Ladakh is undoubtedly one of the most visited and explored tourist destinations in Kashmir; it is in fact the most visited tourist place in the entire country. Seated at the foot of the mighty Himalayas, its celestial beauty is accompanied by its warm-hearted people and their hospitality.

If you search for travel diaries of Ladakh, you will rarely find instances when the locals refused to help visitors. Rather, your results will be filled with incidents when locals did their best to help visitors to their land and also treated them with the loveliest ways. One may be rich enough to buy everything in life; however, when it comes to standing up for others or treating others like family, you will find none hold a candle to the humble and hospitable Ladakhis!


  1. Spirituality

One of the smallest regions in the country, Ladakh is jotted with numerous monasteries, temples, and other religious establishments. On a visit to this magical land, you can witness how peacefully they carry out their daily duties and move forward in their lives.

Irrespective of the cause or their background, they always help each other and eliminate evils from their society. Be it a Buddhist or a Hindu, a Muslim or a Sikh, they believe in introducing themselves as Ladakhi first and then by their background.

We, the dwellers of the modern era and the metro cities may be way ahead of the remote Ladakhi regions; however, when it comes to merging our religious beliefs and spirituality, we have a lot to learn from Ladakh and its people.

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