How to fulfil your 4 biggest 2015 travel resolutions

Happy New Year readers! What are your 2015 travel resolutions? Chances are they’re not too different from 2014. Every traveller’s resolutions fall broadly within the same 4 points, year after year. Ours do too. But looking back on 2014, we think we’ve been fairly successful at achieving them to a large extent. No, we didn’t quit our jobs and become full time travellers. In fact, having a full time job shouldn’t deter you from travelling, it should only help you travel better. Most of our readers seemed to agree with our “Don’t Quit Your Job, and Travel” story. We’ve also discovered some problem areas and easy solutions to tackle those and up the anté in the coming year.

2015 Travel Resolutions

Travel More

Block your dates. If you’re in India, take a look at CondeNast Traveller’s List of 2015’s long weekends and use all of them. Booking flight tickets and hotels in advance also means getting great fares. It also means you will work with a goal in mind, ensuring that you take those dates off no matter what.

Like we shared in several interviews this year, if it means rushing from office to the airport and finishing up work before you board, if it means sitting in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, shooting off some emails at midnight, if it means jumping right into a meeting as soon as you land, it’s still worth it. 2014 has been a whirlwind for us, and we think 2015’s going to be even faster. And we’re up to the challenge.

2015 Travel Resolutions

See more of your own country

While this is especially true for India, every country in the world is full of amazing places to discover and experience. We began 2014 on a high, using long weekends in the first quarter to visit Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. Then, it fizzled out simple because we hadn’t planned, were unwell, or were busy redesigning the blog. In 2015, we’ve promised ourselves we’ll use the shorter long weekends to explore more of our own country, making the most of domestic flight fare wars and road tripping a lot more (ever since our Great Ocean Road Trip made us fall in love with drives). If you can’t get out, don’t forget to explore your own city and read our other How to travel at home tips. If you have a hometown you haven’t seen in years, get out there and find out how it’s changed, or how your perspective has changed. If you’re travelling as a couple, it’s a great excuse to show your better half where you come from.

2015 Travel Resolutions

Travel smarter

Everyone talks about miles and nods vehemently. We did too. But we usually went with the cheapest airline or the hotel with the best location, just like you probably did. That changed halfway through 2014. And it made such a big difference. By sticking with our chosen airline – Jet Airways, we’ve racked up the miles by flying domestic and code share, getting co-branded credit cards, converting hotel stays to miles, spa and shopping bills to miles and more. This has been very beneficial. We’ve got a high-roller status, priority check in, extra baggage allowance, unexpected upgrades (over and above the free upgrade vouchers), lounge access and more.

In the past we’ve boasted about picking a place in the “off peak or low season”, but it’s usually been by chance. Now, unless we’re going to experience a particular festival or conference or weather, we’ve decided to stick with low season travel, to get the best fares and tariffs, avoid the queues and visit a time that’s generally less hurried, making the locals a little friendlier. The same goes for flying mid-week as opposed to on a weekend.

2015 Travel Resolutions

Travel in a more meaningful manner

This is a tough balancing act. All this while we’ve been advocates of slow travel, spending over 3 weeks in a single city. Now, while we still firmly believe that travel isn’t about ticking a whole bunch of countries off your list, we would like to have a whole lot of stamps in our passports and experiences in our memories. We’re not about to jump on the bandwagon doing a 3 week Highlights of Europe tour, jumping cities every two days. No. But we’re going to try and see a little more than a single city, maybe get out into villages and towns, spend some time in nature, and really let the essence of a country go a little further than skin deep.

We’re going to be friendlier, and get to know locals, because as we discovered in Australia, Friendship is the New Travel Currency.

While we’ve had some amazing gastronomic experiences, we’ve been pretty lax on the whole Cooking Classes front in 2014. So it’s time to get back to picking up some interesting culinary skills while we travel. It’s a great ice breaker, the best souvenir you can bring home, and definitely gives a deeper understanding into a people and their culture.

While we had enough time to get familiar with the metros in Paris, Bangkok and Barcelona (since we spent 3 weeks in each of those places), we hadn’t even looked up Kuala Lumpur’s LRT once. We were anxious, since we were there for only 4 days, but we took a deep breath and squeezed ourselves into a packed train and got to Chinatown pretty quick. Using the local public transport is rewarding, eco friendly and easy on your wallet.

While we’re not about to start suggesting you spend all your hard earned vacation days voluntouring in some remote location, if you do have an option to pick a more sustainable, eco friendly or fair trade option, by all means do so. For eg. we decided we’d rather pay the park fee at Nalusuan Island Marine Sanctuary and discover the natural beauty over dishing out the Pesos to some touristy snorkelling enclosure in the Philippines. We also try and pick up local/ handmade items as gifts and souvenirs over mass produced or duty free items.

2015 Travel Resolutions

So here’s to a fabulous year in travel ahead! How was 2014 for you? Did you manage to keep any of your resolutions? Any tips you’d like to let us in on? What are your 2015 travel resolutions and how do you intend on fulfilling them?

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“How to fulfil your 4 biggest 2015 travel resolutions”
  • Discovered this aesthetically designed, useful site through IndiBlogger. Praises to you for such an engaging, and yet uncluttered layout. If I may, I would suggest a darker, more readable, font – as I am not on a high-res Macbook.

  • I love the advice of using long weekends and traveling within your own country. What may be local and uninteresting to us, could be quite interesting to others, who are far away and had never seen what for us has become the everyday. I, for one, am looking forward to more posts about India. There are so many fascinating and amazing places to see in your country! Granted, it still could be quite a trip, because India is so large, but I’m sure there are several interesting sights around Mumbai. And when you run out of places to visit nearby, you could also write a few post about the holidays and how they’re celebrated.

    • That’s very true Prasad. There’s something to discover everywhere, as you’ve been showing the world in your travels through India. Just because a place isn’t listed in the top travel magazines doesn’t mean it isn’t worth going to!

  • See more of your own country is such a good one! There is so much to see and do on your own doorstep that people don’t realise. I’m guilty of this as well – definitely going to explore more of England this year! 🙂

  • Seeing more of your own country and more meaningful travel is definitely on top of our lists as well! Great list, we always squeeze in long weekend travels and have been able to see so much of England because of that! Look forward to travelling in own country ( which will be new zealand for a year) and then bangladesh after that! Wishing you both a wonderful 2015 full of travel adventures as well 🙂

  • Great article, there are so many points I totally agree with. Travel IS attainable to anyone if they want it enough, and by doing the little things as you mentioned, such as travelling somewhere new in your own country or by booking long weekends, you will get to travel and see so much of the world whilst fitting it around your own life. There really is no excuse not to follow your travel dreams.

  • Love this post and love the look of your site! I am trying this year to explore more of China, the country i’ve been living in for almost 2 years now. I want to go past the big cities and explore other areas of the country and i’m so excited about it!

  • Great tips that anybody could follow through with! The problem with most new years resolutions is that most people never really intend to follow them. Just like anything.. all you have to do is really want it bad enough and you’ll do what it takes to make it happen.

  • Great post and some great points! We love to explore the region around a city when we visit to see a different side to the country or region and find it a great way to see more without spending much more. We have also embraced seeing more of our own country as you mentioned too as there is so much we haven’t seen in our backyard!

  • Certainly resonate a lot with the first two points and especially your own country. Travelling in your own backyard is still a form of travel and a great way to gain conversation points when talking to other travellers overseas as they will be interested in your home country.

  • Love this post! First let me say what a wonderful picture that is of you by the window. (and what a cool watch!) #2 really hit home with me. Travel more in your own country. This year my husband and I are building in Panama to begin part-time international living and funds are pretty strapped for 2015. I plan to explore Florida’s fun towns, festivals, beaches, etc. which will only cost me some gas money and time in order to cure my insatiable itch for traveling. I know things will turn around as soon as our houses are finished so making the best of it and seeing you put that in print makes me feel much more confident about it. Thanks.

  • Some great points on the list… I’m sure that there’s a lot on that list that almost every traveler can relate with. I love the idea of traveling more within your home country, or wherever you might find yourself at the time. It’s not always about hopping on the next flight and flying halfway across the world. Staying in one place, getting to know the locals (or being one yourself) and taking full advantage of your weekends can certainly lead to some unforgettable experiences.

  • I woul travel more and see more of my own country there’s do much to explore , but im starting it one step at a time 🙂

  • This is a brilliant list, and great tips. I also fell in love with roadtrips after the Great Ocean Road, I’ve taken many since but sadly not many to do on my little island. I’ve always had to be pre pre planning to logistically apply for visas, it’s helped in booking flights in advance, maintaining points (few airlines fly out of here to start with) etc. Happy travels in 2015 and looking forward to how it ends compared your resolutions set.

  • Glad to see your bucket list doesn’t contain the normal items (exercise more, drink less…)! Definitely agree with your point about seeing more of your home country. I recently saw the gap year selfie video and it made me rethink the activities in Australia.

  • Love your advices! Totally agree with you when it comes to leaving the big cities and connecting more with the locals, that’s exactly my kind of taveling !

  • Oh! Cooking classes! I like that idea, Last year I bought a cook book in Romania, so I could try to make some of their delicious food at home. I was stopped at the airport though, for bringing 10 bags of hot pepper (supermarket bought) with me, oops…. Fortunate for me they thought that making a good goulash was indeed a great idea! 🙂

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