These Tips Will Make Your Hong Kong (& Macau) Trip Better Planned

Hong Kong is much more than a bunch of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan movies and electronics. Really! You wouldn’t believe that there are so many different things to do. No, we are not talking about Disneyland either. We will cover the alternative activities for your Hong Kong trip in another blog. In this blog, we want to point out a few things which will help you plan your Trip to Hong Kong better.


Hong Kong Island is one of 230 Islands!


You didn’t know this, right? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many of us think that Hong Kong is one tiny island with a concrete jungle, Chinese speaking people (which is true, but they all speak perfectly decent English), and narrow crowded marketplaces. In fact, there are 230 islands, including Lantau, Lamma, Cheung Chau and Peng Chau and more. Plan your trip to reach as many of these spots as possible. The beach is less crowded there, and you can always enjoy perfect seafood dinner on the sea on your way back.

The closer and nearby islands are very well connected with the Hong Kong Island.



Local Travel is Ridiculously Cheap and Aplenty


You won’t ever need to call a taxi if you are planning a budget trip. Public transport covers almost every inch of Hong Kong, and you get around 3-4 options for every point to point commute. You have the MTR or the subway system, buses, trams, ferries, minibuses, trains, airport railway system and what not! As you can imagine, the frequency is rather high as well, and they are very affordable (yes, even when you convert the cost into INR).

But the best part? Hong Kong is very walk-able. We suggest that you walk as much as you can! No, I am not  trying to be your fitness trainer; I just don’t want you to miss out on things this country is filled with.



It’s Rainy and Really Humid


No problem if you are from Mumbai or Kolkata but if you are from Delhi, you will probably be uncomfortable. Let me tell you why. You can handle the heat easily, in fact the highest is 29 degrees and the lowest 16, so for us Indians it’s a piece of cake, right? Sadly, if you are from Delhi, where rain makes a “catch me if you can” appearance, and everything is dry (even the sense of humour!) Hong Kong is the opposite pole. It rains and rains and that makes it humid, which makes you sweat a lot and feel sticky.

Our suggestion? Carry some good deodorant.



Don’t Plan Shopping Early In the Day

You won’t believe, shops often open after lunchtime, if you are not including big brands in large shopping districts. I wouldn’t advise that you only choose the shopping districts as you might miss the original flavour of Hong Kong, especially those crowded markets where many memorable fight scenes of Jackie Chan were shot.

On the flip side, they stay open till late as well, so you can easily grab a late night snack or enjoy the nightlife of Hong Kong streets. And it’s pretty safe too.

Our advice: Like it is said, ‘When in Rome, be a Roman’, wake up late, enjoy the day, enjoy the night, hit the bed late. Repeat!



No Law Prohibiting Drinking (for Adults!)


Yes, that’s true. Unlike in India, you can carry a can of chilled beer in your hand while roaming around. That is perfectly legal. You can uncork at the beach or carry a bottle to the hotel, all possible.

Every convenience store (general store, grocery store, departmental store, OK, I run out of synonyms, choose one) sells a wide variety of alcohol to choose from.

Only concern? Don’t get disorderly or you may just be at the receiving end of a few kung-fu kicks from a street-side Jackie Chan or worse, land in jail.

Hong Kong-Plan


Get a travel Insurance

This is the only thing we pray you don’t get to experience. Who would want to claim a monetary refund of a holiday trip going wrong? But, this is nevertheless very important. I would suggest that you buy it in India itself. You don’t need to get out of home either. You can always buy online travel insurance. When we are buying everything online, why should you leave travel insurance? It will cover you against loss or theft of luggage, any medical bills, including hospitalisation cost, death benefits (God forbid), permanent disability benefit and more.

My tip? Check different providers, ask someone knowledgeable about different products and buy it in advance.


That’s it. You are done. You can now pack your bags for Hong Kong. You might ask about Macau, Well, except for the world-class casinos which you at least pay a visit to, all these tips are valid there as well. Enjoy your trip, send me some love if these tips help you in any way and do leave your comments.

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