Where to go in Vietnam: On our bucketlist

Vietnam has been on our bucketlist for quite some time now, and with this destination getting some major traction lately, we figured we’d chalk out a rough plan for when we do end up going and share it with you right away! There’s several Vietnam Tours that we’ve been checking out while researching where to go in Vietnam and as the Vietnam Visa is available on arrival for Indians, and pretty easy to score for other nationalities, why wait?



It seems like the perfect welcome to Vietnam. We can’t wait to dive deep into the sense of history apparent in the tiny streets and alleys of Vietnam’s oldest commercial hub, especially the old quarter. It’s vibrant and boasts gorgeous market scenes, lots of shopping to be had and iconic Asian motifs like conical hats, pagodas and bald monks abound. Just like we did on our Chinatown walk in Kuala Lumpur, we can’t wait to chance upon hidden temples called Communal Houses. The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology too, seems like a veritable treasure trove of the rich cultural journey that is Vietnam.


Ho Chi Minh City

The erstwhile quiet and quaint Saigon has almost overnight mushroomed into a glitzy city of sparkling skyscrapers. But we’d really love to spend time trawling the Ben Thanh Market and its narrow alleys, sampling the famous street food as we go. I’m such a war history buff, that a visit to the Reunification Palace is naturally then, on the cards. It’s a fantastic architectural piece apart from its historical importance.



The beaches of Vietnam are seriously underrated, and Danang is probably the most shining example of this fact. It’s close to Hoi An, and offers stunning vistas of the South China Sea as well as the mountains of the Son Tra Peninsula. The nearby city of Hoi An and the Cham ruins only help push it further up on our list.


Nha Trang

Probably among the more popular spots in Vietnam, it can get crowded on the main beach, but has some quiet gems like Doc Let and Jungle Beach to the north, and white sands to the south.


Phu Quoc

This one’s for when we need some serious downtime, since there’s barely anything to do here but enjoy the Gulf of Thailand’s beautiful waters and sumptuous seafood!


Halong Bay

Another famous spot on the Vietnam trail, it can get super crowded, but as we say about famous spots, there’s a reason it got so popular and we’d like to see that for ourselves.



As we discovered in Chiang Mai, the mountain regions of South East Asian countries seem to hold some cultural treasures. And Sapa’s hills are home to some very interesting tribes including the famous Hmong. We’d love to spend some time understanding their culture, and the picturesque Sapa seems like the perfect backdrop for it.


Hoi An

To begin with, Hoi An is an UNESCO protected town. We’d love to explore the ancient preserved merchant homes, hidden temples and garden restaurants of this pedestrian friendly place.


So there you have it, our list of things of where to go in Vietnam for when we do go. What’s on your bucket list? Or if you’ve been, share anything you may have discovered with us in the comments below!


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“Where to go in Vietnam: On our bucketlist”
  • Hey Revati,
    When Vietnam comes in my mind as a destination, I thought it is a country, which has zero tourist spots.But after viewing your pictures, I totally amazed, it definitely adding to my bucket list.And it’s apt to tell, that you got some serious talent when it’s come to photography.
    Keep sharing 🙂

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