How to get the most out of Flights and Hotels

We love flights and hotels. We’ve said it often enough, and while we do enjoy our home in Mumbai, there’s something about enjoying a glass of champagne at 33,000 feet, or waking up on a lovely goosedown pillow in some exotic locale that just can’t be beat. Before you take off on me about the painful bits like lack of legroom, crying babies and noisy street facing rooms or musty carpets, let me add that you can control what your experience is most of the time. And for people that spend a considerable amount of time travelling, naturally we’ve figured out a pretty nifty system to get the most out of flights and hotels.


Miles/ Points

Be loyal. It goes a long way when it comes to flights and hotels with brands recognising your loyalty and your spends where it matters the most. Like the British Airways Avios. Even if you aren’t upgraded automatically, they’ll often email you with an option to upgrade at a lower price, which is often a fantastic deal. If not, at least you know you’ll never be bumped off, right?

 Be nice

This isn’t just an important rule for travel, but for life as well. And if you’re not a nice person, just remember this, you’ll get your way much easier if you ask nicely. We tend not to realise that there is a lot more that is in a desk staff’s hands than they’re willing to let on. So if you’d like that upgrade, a window seat or even that they let you slip past with overweight bags, just be nice. If you’d like a room upgrade, a specific floor, a quieter one at the back, free wifi access or any other goodies, start by being nice. Ask before calling them by the name on their name tags, exchange pleasantries, ask about their day or something, treat them like the fellow humans they are, and you’ll see such a difference in the way you’re treated back.

Do your homework

Sift through the internet, look for reviews of the hotel or flight you’re going to be booking. You’ll soon discover which are the best rooms on what floor, and whether you should be checking in on the aisle-left or aisle-right seats. Thank us later.


The thing about travelling is there’s enough to disorient you already, without having to deal with not being able to catch up on your sleep. So being able to completely cut off and get in a good 40 winks is crucial. We do that by using the blackout curtains in a room, or using eye masks in-flight.

Avoid shopping

You’re bored, you’re excited, you’re stressed that you didn’t do that last bit of shopping before leaving. So what do you end up doing? Paying for over-priced trinkets in the hotel lobby or inflight service. Avoid these at all costs. Stick to duty free shops if you must, but don’t fall into the trap of tourist shopping.

With these few simple and easy tricks, you should be able to get the most out of your flights and hotels whenever you travel. Do you have any such hacks of your own? Tell us in the comments below!

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