Dubai for Couples: Our favourite things to do

As we’ve mentioned, Dubai will always have a special place in our hearts. I grew up in Oman, and we’d drive to Dubai pretty often over the weekend, but none of it compares to the trips I’ve taken with Charles. There’s something about the glitz and glitter of Dubai that makes it a fantastic romantic destination. With Dubai Visa being so easy for Indian couples, flight options galore, and Dubai tour packages aplenty, travel to this destination has never been easier! So the next time you want a quick romantic weekend holiday, perhaps some of these ideas should help!


Desert Dreams

Spending a night (or even an evening) under the clear starry sky, away from the city amidst the sand dunes is one of my favourite moments to experience in Dubai. It can get really cold at night, so remember to pack warm (or you could just snuggle up with your better half). Several companies offer barbeque dinners with the whole desert experience – a chance to interact with falcons, ride camels, apply henna, try the shisha and watch belly dancing.

Dubai for couples

Fine Dining

Dubai is all about living the good life, so whether it’s champagne breakfasts or Michelin starred dinners, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy each other’s company with some great food and wine. We loved our dinner at the Michelin Starred Reflets by Pierre Gagnaire at the Intercontinental Dubai Festival City.

Dubai for couples

Adrenaline Rush

Living it large is another motto that seems to resonate across Dubai. And they seem to take it rather seriously. Whether it’s skydiving, base-jumping, living undersea there are so many exciting activities to try out together! While I haven’t been able to bring myself to do these, I know friends who have, and claim it to be quite an experience!

Dubai for couples

Luxurious Living

Like we’ve mentioned in our previous post about the Millionaire Life in Dubai, the high-roller life is quintessential to Dubai. And we’ve enjoyed a taste of it at the Intercontinental Dubai Festival City and Melia on different occasions. So, even if for a night while you’re there, splurge and check into that blowout suite and have a soak in the hot tub, while enjoying a fantastic view over the skyscrapers. I assure you, you’ll never forget the experience.

Dubai for couples

Shop Till You Drop

With all of this indulgence to be had, there’s one I almost forgot! Dubai has some of the best malls we’ve seen in the world! Whether it’s the Mall of the Emirates or Dubai Mall, there’s enough stores to keep you occupied for a day and more! And it isn’t just stores, there’s ice-skating, aquariums and gold souks to keep you enthralled too!

Dubai for couples

Cruise the waters

Dubai’s coast offers stunning views of its beaches, skyscrapers and tranquil sparkling waters. And there’s a host of ways to experience these waters. A sunset cruise on an old dhow (traditional wooden boat) is a wonderfully quaint experience. For the more jet set, a glitzy sundowner with cocktails on a yacht would be perfect. Even the time-strapped can experience the waters by using Abras (noisy, traditional wooden boats) which are used as water taxis to cross Dubai creek.

Dubai for couples

These are just some our favourite couple’s activities to do on holiday in Dubai. It is truly a destination that offers so many possibilities. Have you been to Dubai? Is it on your bucket list? Tell us in the comments below!



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