Download our Travel Itineraries

So you want to travel like we do? You’ve come to the right place! So many friends and readers ask us for our travel itineraries, so we decided to upload them here. Planned for what we think is the perfect amount of time to experience the cities we’ve visited, our itineraries are a labour of love.

Here’s how we’ve done it:


The items for each day are grouped by area, or at least areas that are easily accessed together, so you don’t waste travel time and end up going back and forth haphazardly all over the city.

Days of the week:

You’ll notice, that we’ve also taken into consideration the days on which sights are open/ shut. We’ve tried to make the most of your time. So if you find that a certain museum is shut on Monday, then in all probability other things clubbed on the day we’ve featured the museum are also shut.

Entry tickets:

We also used Museum or city cards in a lot of places. The thing about most of these cards is they’re valid for a certain number of consecutive days. So we’ve also planned out the itinerary keeping in mind that we need to get the most mileage for these cards, without losing out on free or reduced entry tickets that you’re entitled to.

Energy & Interest levels:

Have you ever experienced museum fatigue? You know that stage you reach when you’re just walking through exhibits with glazed eyes, looking but not really seeing? It happens when you’ve had an overdose of a particular kind of art or culture or activity. So we plan out our days with a certain balance of indoor and outdoor activities, things to do, amount of walking etc.


Note: Sometimes of course, you may need to change things around (for eg. If we’ve visited a certain place in the winter, our itinerary may have been designed around keeping dry from the rain, or if we’ve been somewhere in the summer, it may have been designed to beat the harsh midday sun.)

Ok enough of disclaimers and rambling. Here are the itineraries in Pdf for you to download and enjoy!


Barcelona Itinerary