Different Doors in Paris – Really

If you’re a regular reader on our site (or even if you’ve just taken a look at the name) you know that we love doors. Doors that open into different destinations, different experiences, cultures, locales, views and thinking. We also love doors, literally. And we realized that while we were walking around in Paris, gawking at the beautiful doors we passed on the streets. Here’s a round up of our favorites. Come, on a beautiful photo tour of the doors of Paris with us.

12 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75006 Paris, France

This beautiful door we found nestled between the Body Shop and a Pharmacie on 12, Boulevard Saint- Michel. We had just finished being wowed by the Fontaine Saint Michel, (check it out here) and were strolling down this Boulevard very early on our trip. Everything was new, and beautiful to us. From shop windows, to this beautiful wood door. Click here to see this door on Google Maps.

18 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75006 Paris, France

Further down Boulevard Saint Michel, nestled between Gourmet Boutique Pierre Oteiza and Opticians Grand Optical was this short and rather cutely shaped brown wood door. We loved the simple yet strong lines on it. Click here to see this door on Google Maps.


10 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75006 Paris, France

Earlier on Boulevard Saint Michel, hidden behind a bus stop, tucked between clothing store Texto and PharmaVie is this beautiful ink blue door with that intricately gorgeous grill. Doesn’t it make you want to step in? Click here to see this door on Google Maps.


Musee du Cluny, Place Paul Painleve / Rue du Sommerard

At the Musee de Cluny, right next to the large gates was this smaller replica. The red ochre wood bleached to a pink, with the gorgeous medieval  masonry and ironwork, it looked absolutely stunning and we were tempted, just like all the other tourists, to snap it up. Visit Musee de Cluny with us here. Click here to see this door on Google Maps.

75, Rue de Lille, Paris

We had just finished gaping at my favorite artist Vincent Van Gogh’s work in the Musee d’Orsay, and as soon as we stepped out and descended the stairs, this was what stood right before us. This stark white door, stood out in all its simplicity on Rue de Lille between Le Royal Orsay (a bar that’s pretty popular with the tourists) and the Tabac d’Orsay. Read about our visit to the Musee d’Orsay here. Click here to see this door on Google Maps.

73, Rue de Lille, Paris

Just next door was this contrasting yet similar stark black door that stood out as well. You can see a hint of the specials board outside the tabac on the right. See those little iron posts at the foot of the door on either side? Those are called Chasse-Roues and they were initially used to protect doorways from carts and horse carriages as they entered and exited. Read all about the history of these interesting relics of Paris’ past at the Invisible Paris Blog. Click here to see this door on Google Maps.

69, Rue de Lille, Paris

Just a little further down Rue de Lille was this cute short door in deep teal. Once again, I loved how simple and elegant it was especially thanks to the masonry crest at the head. Click here to see this door on Google Maps.


48 Av. due General Leclerc, Paris

Charles noticed this door right after he exited the Catacombs. No wonder then, that this bright burst of indigo in the sun with its pretty grill jumped out at him. Ironic though, that this is the entrance to a psychologist’s office. This shop sat between Pimkie ( A women’s clothing and accessories store that I shopped at much later on the trip) and Courir a store that carried all the big label international sportswear. Read about Charles’ visit to the Catacombs here. Click here to see this door on Google Maps.

Unknown door

This last one I simply can’t seem to find the location of. Believe me, I’ve hunted high and low. But I just couldn’t leave it out. Firstly because it was the perfect shade of fire- engine red (and you know how much we love red) all framed by those beautiful ivory pillars finished off with that iron detailing on the top. What I do remember, however, is that this is somewhere around the Pantheon. Do let us know if you know where this door is. Read about our visit to the Pantheon here.

Do you enjoy gawking at such details when you travel? We’d love to hear/ see your stories!

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