Floating in the Dead Sea Jordan – Feelings and Facts

When it comes to the Dead Sea Jordan is certainly the place to experience it from. After all it is fed by the Jordan river. As a child I’d stare in absolute fascination at photos of the Dead Sea, wondering how it was possible to float in water. I’m a decent enough swimmer, but the concept of a water body so saline, that it doesn’t let you sink (or swim) sounded mind-numbingly bizarre. As someone who loves to shop for cosmetics (and hoard them) the benefits of the Dead Sea, as well as the salt and mud that comes from it weren’t unknown to me. So it sounded like the perfect way to end my Jordan experience.

After a blissful afternoon spent getting my body sloughed with coarse sea salt and then smothered in a mud wrap followed by lunch at the Crowne Plaza, we rushed to check in at the Holiday Inn and catch a little time on their private beach before sundown. (All the beaches shut at sunset) Literally throwing my bag onto the deck chairs, I made a hurried beeline for the shore. And then, this is what I went through:

Dead Sea Jordan

Experiencing the Dead Sea Jordan for the first time

Ouch. Stepping into the water rather gingerly, I realised the bed was made entirely of pebbles and rocks.  I rushed in to get deep enough so I could lift my feet and tread the water.

Wait, what’s happening to me? I tried to tread the water but it seemed far too dense, unwieldy, unwilling.

Whoa! I bent my knees, lifting my legs to my chest, and was almost instantaneously pushed onto my back.

So that’s what buoys feel like! I was lying on my back, bobbing about on a mattress of water, staring up at the sky.

This is amazing! I sit back like I’m in a hammock, enjoying this feeling of being able to crunch my waist without sinking. I extend and pull back my legs in wonder, trying to test the limits of this anti-gravity phenomenon.

This is pure magic. I look out at the beautiful sunset that’s descending upon us, on this magical patch of earth. I need to step out and get my other camera.

Struggle, struggle, struggle. I fight against the saline water to place my feet back on the ground, since swimming is practically impossible in here.

Oooh it burns! In the little bit of splashing that ensues, I end up with some water that immediately stings my eyes and tastes saltier than salt. I remember our guide’s warning about not getting any in our eyes or mouths too late.

Ugh this slimy stuff is supposed to be good for me? While wading out, the water feels slick and I can’t wait to wash it off. But then this is the stuff spas are made of, so maybe it’s doing its magic on my skin.

Good skin, glowing skin, healthy skin! I chant to myself, making a quick pit stop at the bowl of Dead Sea Mud and slathering some on my face, before I go rinse myself off at the beach showers.

Dead Sea Jordan

Dead Sea Jordan

Dead Sea Jordan

Dead Sea Jordan

The Magic of the Dead Sea Jordan

Lying down on the beach chair, I stared into the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen, as a purple glow descended over Israel in the distance and Jordan around me. I thought about all the fascinating things our guide had told us about the Dead Sea, and was convinced this was magic.

The Dead Sea is 3 million years old. But it isn’t living, since it’s the most saline water body on Earth nothing can grow or survive in it. The Jordan river flows into it, but nothing flows out of it, because it’s the lowest point on Earth. Which means UV radiation doesn’t hit it, which means you can sunbathe without SPF. All of this, when put together, means it’s got great mineral content, practically no allergens, and a higher atmospheric pressure. So Cleopatra and Herod declared it an excellent resort town, and were rather addicted to its spa like properties. Our Dead Sea products have evolved from years of research that included balms and bitumen/ asphalt used for mummification by the Egyptians. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Dead Sea Jordan

Dead Sea Jordan

This was pure magic, woven by Earth’s mysterious ways, creating the most fascinating pockets of wonder all around us. And I felt so thankful to be witnessing that moment, that fantastical show of its beauty. The perfect finale to a beautiful series of experiences in what is now one of my favourite countries. Jordan.

This post was made possible by the Jordan Tourism Board. Opinions and experiences are our own.

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