Cycle Cambodia with Social Cycles – Voluntourism meets Fitspiration


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As travellers there’s so much we get from the world. Knowledge, wisdom, friends, sights, sounds, tastes, smells; there’s no dearth of experiences that find a way to touch us in a way that changes us forever. But when those same travels let you give back to the places you visit, to the people who open their home to you; it’s incredibly meaningful.

We’ve been increasingly looking into voluntourism opportunities around the world, and we’re so thrilled that our friends at Social Cycles have some incredible tours coming up! And any meaningful cycling holiday brought to you by someone who’s cycled across the world for charity is undoubtedly going to be awesome!

They’re offering 2 weeks of cycling across 500 kms between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. This sounds like the perfect way to explore your full potential, physically and emotionally as you explore the country and it’s cultural issues. It’s a great chance to to get up close with local charities and from the stories we’ve been hearing, it’s a most rewarding experience. While travelling close to the ground and getting to see the sights in the way it should be done, it’s also a responsible way to ensure your aid actually reaches the beneficiaries! And there’s nothing like the joy that comes out of seeing the difference you’re make.

This inaugural adventure departs Nov 21st and will cost $1290*.

The next one’s from 23rd January to 6th February 2016- AU$1,850 per person.

Cycle Cambodia

We’re already trying to figure a way to work this into our travel schedule and we’d recommend taking a holiday with a difference the next time you travel too!

#ridewithpurpose Sign up to Cycle Cambodia at Social-Cycles.com or email brett@social-cycles.com


Cycle Cambodia

Strictly limited space available, maximum eight riders.

*The tour price includes 13 nights hotel accommodation, bicycle hire, two Australian guides, one local guide, full support vehicle for the ride, seven NGO presentations with local staff across Cambodia, multiple field trips to villages and communities, entry to Angkor Wat in Siem Reap and The Killing Fields in Phnom Penh, full dinners in six different Social Enterprise based training restaurants and a cooking class in a local home. Flights, visa requirements and travel insurance will be additional costs.


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