6 Creative Keepsakes You Can Make from Your Travel Photos

Do your holiday photos get seen enough, or do they stay hidden on your laptop? In this digital age, we take pictures everywhere we go, especially when we’re travelling. It’s something as essential as buying souvenirs (if not more), as travel photos are some of the most important reminders of your travel. But at the end, what do you do with your travel photos? Most of them often end up in the digital folders on the computer, seen only a few times. Well, don’t let that happen to your travel photos! There are many ideas to transform your travel photos into beautiful and unique creative keepsakes. From a photobook to wall art, there are many options for you to choose. Here are some ideas on how to bring your travel memories into life.


  1. Photobook

If you want to keep detailed memories of your travel, photobook is your best choice. Having one photobook for each trip is a great way to keep your travel memories alive. Everyone has different experiences on their travels, and how you want to tell your stories in the photobook is entirely up to you. You can tell the stories by arranging your photos chronologically in sequence, or dividing it into specific categories (for example: ‘foods’, ‘monuments’, ‘nature’, ‘unique things found on the street’, ‘pretty walls’, etc.). Just make sure as you flick through, you will be transported to those good days of travelling.

Creative Keepsakes

  1. Postcards

What better way to recollect your travel memories than turning your photos into postcards? Postcards are classic and timeless items for travellers, and instead of buying postcards with strangers’ photos on them, you can make postcards using your own travel photos. Whether you want to keep them for yourself or sending them out to friends and relatives, it’s always nice to have something unique to keep, even more so if it’s created by you. And better yet, there are stories behind every photo on those postcards, stories that you can tell to your loved ones.

Creative Keepsakes


  1. Passport notebooks

Passport notebooks could be your most useful and handy possession to plan your trip, keep track of your travel expenses, or jot down memories and things for your personal diaries. The use is not limited to travel-related writing though, you can also use it in your everyday life to write anything. Use your travel photos for the covers of these passport notebooks, and have handy creative keepsakes that can also help you stay organised in your day-to-day activities.

Creative Keepsakes

  1. Desktop calendar

You can also use your travel photos for something essential and useful in your everyday life, such as a desktop calendar. Want to make it more interesting? Pick a theme for your calendar, and choose the photos based on that theme (the photos can be from one trip, or from different trips). Put the desktop calendar on your work desk, and use it as a reminder of your fondest travel memories, and also to motivate you to work hard and save up for the next trip. Hopefully, this could help cheer you up when work becomes too much or too stressful.

Creative Keepsakes

  1. Square prints

If you’re an artsy person and you want more options to create things from your travel photos, something basic and simple like square prints might suit you well. As a creative keepsake, you can use the square prints to decorate your walls, or you can use them for your travel scrapbook. If you make a travel scrapbook, you can also add notes alongside the square prints to help with the storytelling. Those little details will be such a delight to read in the future.

Creative Keepsakes

  1. Wall art

If there’s something better than enjoying your own photos, it’s seeing other people enjoy and appreciate them as well. Rather than keeping the photos to yourself, you can share your memories and stories with other people, by displaying them as wall art. There are various types of wall art that you can choose, from canvas prints, posters, collage posters and many more. Whichever type of wall art you pick, choose your best photos to go with them and decorate your space with your favourite travel memories.

Creative Keepsakes

If you’d like to create any of these creative keepsakes, you can make them at Photojaanic. Hope these ideas can help you create your own travel memento from your photos.


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