Tips on choosing the right accommodation for your next travel

One of the most important details while you plan a vacation is deciding where to stay. While you pick from amongst various options like hotels, service apartments, etc. the price is of course the main determining factor; as the hotel rate needs to fit your budget. However besides this there are various other things you need to consider to make your stay an enjoyable and memorable one.

Whether you are planning a vacation, a business trip or just want to feed your wanderlust, here are few things you may want to look into while choosing the right accommodation for your next trip.

Goal for your trip:

It is necessary to know exactly what you want from the trip. Though it may seem simple enough a lot of times you may be travelling for business but also may want to explore a bit of the country you are visiting or just relax for a few days after getting done with your work. Sometimes it may be a simple vacation but you may not want to try anything adventurous and relax instead; in this case picking an accommodation far from the hustle bustle and with some sort of relaxing facilities like a spa at the accommodation would serve the purpose well. Choosing a resort which caters to all of your needs may also help save you time and money spent unnecessarily in going to another place.


This largely is dependent on the type of trip you are making; if you are travelling primarily for business it is always better to find a hotel close to the main place of work. A centrally located one is the best option while on a business trip especially in a bigger city; for instance the capital being a frequent destination for business travelers has a lot of centrally located accommodations; ranging from high to low prices. New Delhi luxury hotel – The Imperial is located in the heart of the city and is a great option for the business traveler who doesn’t mind spending extra on luxury and wants a good place to relax after a hectic day of work in the city. If you’re planning a holiday and just need to relax or get away from it all, then you might want book a place that’s more remote or located in a scenic area.

Duration of stay:

If you are certain in advance about the length of stay you can adjust your accommodation accordingly. For a longer trip considering a more cost effective hotel may be a good option; while for a short trip a slightly more expensive hotel near the area where you want to go can save you transportation costs as well.


If you’re travelling within the country or planning to arrive by car at your destination; in that case this is an important option to consider. It can be highly annoying to constantly look for parking or worry about the safety of your vehicle while on holiday. It is a good idea to check in advance if the place offers parking, their charges for parking and any other security issues.

Extra fees:

Try as far as possible to pick an accommodation which offers the extra amenities that you need the most; which are already included in the rate. For instance, if you are on a business trip you will definitely need access to Internet, and picking a cheaper hotel to save a few thousands; but eventually paying a hefty amount for usage of internet along with higher transportation charges to the place of work may end up defeating the purpose. In such a case you may want to look for a hotel that offers complementary Wi-Fi or other amenities included in the charge depending on your needs.

Look at all your options

There are plenty of options regarding accommodation; and you may want to try to fit it to your budget. If you are keen on picking a hotel, that is usually well advertised and though a little more expensive than other accommodations, they are generally located in areas of interest at a certain tourist location or city; making them more popular. For instance, a lot of foreigners visiting India stop at the capital and prefer staying in New Delhi Luxury Hotels like The Imperial, The Leela Ambience, The Claridges New Delhi, and so on. Other options include- hostels, rental apartments/ villas, Bread and Breakfasts/Inns, etc.

While checking your options it is also a good idea to check the number of stars the hotel has acquired. Star ratings offer a good way to categorize and compare the hotels; and essentially the more the number of stars, better the quality of the facility. In this way you can decide whether the hotel is worth staying in or over some other sort of accommodation while comparing rates.

Online Reviews:

Finally, while choosing the accommodation, always consult online reviews. Various websites are solely committed to this purpose; providing recent travel experiences of real customers that you can read and even view actual traveler photographs of the accommodation. This way you can also ascertain if the place you are researching offers the facilities you are looking for in a hotel like a pool or a restaurant, or other offerings, such as a spa or a golf course.



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“Tips on choosing the right accommodation for your next travel”
  • It doesn’t help that these days most hotels have Web sites full of tantalizing photos and slick promotional copy that make you believe you’ll be bathed in luxury as soon as you step foot into the lobby. How can you tell if a hotel will live up to its own hype — and, more importantly, if it’s the right hotel for you?

  • Choosing best guest house is difficult one whenever you want to spend your holidays outside home and making these days memorable. So, while choosing luxury accommodation one should keep the above points.These points are very informative .

  • This is some great information, and I appreciate your suggestion to consider location when booking a hotel. My husband and I are going to be taking a vacation in a few months, and I want to start figuring out the details, like where we’ll be staying. We’ll mostly be in just one city, so we’ll definitely look for lodging that’s close to the attractions we want to see. Thanks for the great post!

  • I agree that location is one of the most important factors when choosing a hotel. On the last trip I went on this summer, my dad had booked a hotel and it was not even close to the destination we were wanting to go. It was a bummer because we spent so much of our vacation time in the car driving to our destination instead of actually seeing sights!

  • Reading online reviews is a great idea. That way you can see if past customers enjoyed their stay at the hotel. You can usually get a good idea of what a place is like by reading the reviews, So, doing that will help you to make a more informed decision.

  • I agree that the duration of the stay is important when you are looking for accommodations. Depending on how long you intend to stay in an area it would differ where you would look to stay. I’m going out of town on business so I’ll have to find somewhere that is right for the amount of time that I will stay there.

  • I agree that the duration of your stay is important when looking for travel accommodations. I would imagine that if you stay longer you would need to seek different accommodations than if you stay there for a little while. I’m looking for somewhere to stay for a trip so I’ll have to consider the length of my style before I choose accommodations.

  • Thanks for sharing these great tips on choosing the right accommodation. It really helps us to find and pick the right accommodation before starting any journey. Good job!

  • I absolutely love to travel. Finding the right accommodations can at times seem a little daunting, but it’s all part of the adventure. I appreciated your tip on considering your length of stay when choosing a motel. For longer stays, I have also found that it is nice to find a hotel with laundry facilities. Thanks for sharing!

  • If you are planning for a vacation with your family than these all are really useful information. For choosing accommodation you must check the online review and other services of hotel.

  • I like your tips which is, “Whether you are planning a business trip or just want to feed your wanderlust, here are few things you may want to look into while choosing the right accommodation for your next trip”. I am always confused when I was planning to business trip. I read your blog which is helpful to me. Now I am following your tips when select the right accommodation. Thank you.!!

  • It makes sense to consider the duration of your stay when you are looking for lodging. It would make sense to find somewhere that is a good price for the amount of time you will be there. I’m looking for a hotel for my family when we go on vacation so I’ll have considered how long we will be there.

  • I agree that finding a centrally located motel would be really helpful when choosing accommodations. It would seem that you would want to find something that is close to your destination and that is easy to access. My husband is going on a business trip so he’ll have to find accommodations close to where he will be having his meetings in order to make things less stressful for him.

  • Something to add here is what you’re looking for and your travel stay. A business travel won’t like to stay in a hostel and a backpacker doesn’t have budget to stay in a luxury hotel. However, sometimes you can get good deals and actually put a bit more luxury on your trip. I´m a digital nomad and often stay in Airbnbs but also try with hostels – for short trips- and I get a good deal hotel deal, i take it.

  • I agree that you want to consider how long you are going to stay when you are choosing lodging. It would make sense to find somewhere that will be comfortable for a longer stay if that is important. My sister is looking for somewhere to stay when she goes and visits my parents, so she’ll have to find a place that can host her for a long time.

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