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A Taste of Kerala

We love the food of Kerala, and it’s so difficult to find any (decent) in Mumbai, so when we first thought of visiting Kerala, our mouths started watering thinking of appams and stew and parota and beef fry. Unfortunately, while the food at Fort Kochi was good, it wasn’t what we’d been dreaming off. Imagine our luck when we got to not only spend time with, but to taste some

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Le Grand Lanna, Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi, Chiang Mai – A secret cuisine

When our Thailand frequenter friends who are foodies told us the street food in Thailand is so good you won’t want to eat in a restaurant, we didn’t believe them. Then we spent 3 days in Bangkok and 1 in Chiang Mai, and we understood what they meant. But that didn’t mean we weren’t curious to find out what a restaurant experience would be like. What would a gourmet Thai meal comprise?

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Blue Elephant Cooking School, Bangkok – Part I: Morning market tour

If you know anything about us yet, you know we love food. All kinds of food. And while the Gourmet Course at the Cordon Bleu Paris wasn’t Charles’ cup of tea and I ended up attending it alone, it was a given that he’d be jumping way more than me at a Thai cooking class. What can I say, the man loves his chillies! We’d eaten a fair bit of

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Sula Vineyard Tour and Tasting, Nashik, India

Sula Vineyard. For someone who drinks only wine, I was most excited about a weekend in India’s wine country. It meant a chance to finally visit the Sula vineyard; that produced the wine that I drank most often – Sula. It meant a chance to taste the gamut of their selections and finally find something I love. It meant a chance to stroll through the lovely vineyards, and listen to

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Culinary adventures at Le Cordon Bleu

I’m talking about one of the biggest highlights of the Paris trip for me. For someone who has lovingly regarded French cuisine from afar with awestruck eyes, being in Paris meant three things: Eating, Cooking and Shopping for food and kitchen equipment. While Eating and Shopping could easily be taken care of one day at a time, Cooking required a bit of pre-planning. Kitchen equipped accommodation? Check. Registration for a

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