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Cellar hopping in the Mornington Wine Region, Australia

As a friend’s personal photo album from this day of our Australia trip on Facebook says, “Our friends were visiting from India, so we had to show them wine and kangaroos.” We were staying with friends in Melbourne, and a quick day trip to the Mornington wine region was imperative. So before going to visit the strange creatures of Australia at the Moonlit Sanctuary, we decided to spend the morning

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5 solid reasons to drive through Australia

I don’t drive. So what on earth am I doing, writing about the joys of driving through Australia? Over the years I’ve returned to Australia for several road trips across various regions, always in the passenger seat. This summer (it was winter down under) I played navigator, videographer, backseat nagger and personal entertainer while Charles drove us across the Southern coast of Australia. Australia. The only reason I wish I could

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Moonlit Sanctuary, Mornington – The 12 animals you will meet in Australia

The Moonlit Sanctuary, Mornington snuck up on us out of the blue. As with every city we visit, a short day trip out of town to explore the surrounds sounded really tempting from Melbourne. But with only 6 days to experience the city and spend some time with our friends, I wondered if I’d get to show Charles the penguin parade that I’d witnessed when I was younger at Phillip

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Friendship: the new travel currency- 6 Lessons from Australia

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. One of our favourite travel and friendship quotes by author Tim Cahill couldn’t be more apt. We all know about the amazing benefits of Couchsurfing, Home Swaps, Apartment Rentals, Meet the Locals, and other great ventures the world over that aim to make real connections happen when you travel. We’ve hosted couchsurfers several times, but always held back when it

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