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Cellar hopping in the Mornington Wine Region, Australia

As a friend’s personal photo album from this day of our Australia trip on Facebook says, “Our friends were visiting from India, so we had to show them wine and kangaroos.” We were staying with friends in Melbourne, and a quick day trip to the Mornington wine region was imperative. So before going to visit the strange creatures of Australia at the Moonlit Sanctuary, we decided to spend the morning

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5 solid reasons to drive through Australia

I don’t drive. So what on earth am I doing, writing about the joys of driving through Australia? Over the years I’ve returned to Australia for several road trips across various regions, always in the passenger seat. This summer (it was winter down under) I played navigator, videographer, backseat nagger and personal entertainer while Charles drove us across the Southern coast of Australia. Australia. The only reason I wish I could

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Top 10 reasons to visit Melbourne (and never come back)

Choosing just 10 reasons to visit Melbourne is like an irony in itself. Melbourne was so very special to us from the moment we landed, and we could literally write a book on it! Top 10 reasons to visit Melbourne 1. The Coffee As coffee lovers, we thought we knew coffee. But we had no idea just how intense the coffee culture in Melbourne’s million cafes was. From lesser known

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Top 5 Places to Revisit

We didn’t think we’d ever do a post on the Top 5 Places to Revisit, but here we are. We’ve always treated every single trip of ours like it’s the last time we’ll ever go there (so that it feels like the trip of a lifetime, every single time). But there are some places we left little pieces of our hearts, and we know we aren’t done with those places

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Melbourne Laneways – Graffiti and sprained necks

We’d heard lots about the famous Melbourne laneways. It’s among the top things to see and do in Melbourne for sure. We looked up enough to be completely boggled by the sheer expanse of these crisscrossing streets filled with art and other quirks. Did I just call graffiti art? Yes. Because that’s precisely how it’s seen in Melbourne. Treated with as much gravitas and respect as other forms of art

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