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Porto Top 5 Things To Do

We usually try not to hop across too many cities when we’re taking our Spring/Summer break but we decided to make an exception with Portugal. Simply because this slender strip of land in southern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula has so much to offer, irrespective of the kind of traveller you are. After spending a few fantastic days in Lisbon (which included a day trip to spectacular Sintra), we decided to hop

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The 5 spots to stay in the Algarve – Secrets from our road trip

The Algarve features 155 kms of gorgeous coastline and at first look, every beach seems as good as the next. So for our road trip, we found it next to impossible to shortlist the beaches in the Algarve. And figuring our where to stay in the Algarve was a daunting task indeed. Until we did our research. Now if you’re a regular reader, you know just how deep and thorough our

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10 Travel Lessons from 2016 to take into the new year

2016 was a great year for us. Considering we’re not full time travellers and we both have demanding day jobs, we’re quite stoked that we actually managed to pull off 9 significant trips in 12 months! And here’s 10 travel lessons our 9 trips from 2016 taught us. Lesson #1: Do nothing We kicked off 2016 with a holiday. Yes, a holiday (and you can read about why we do

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Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal – A masonic mystery

Quinta da Regaleira (try pronouncing that one correctly!) was stupidly left for the last on our day trip to Sintra from Lisbon. After having hiked the Moorish Castle, huffed and puffed through the Pena Palace, trawled impossibly through the National Palace in the blazing sun, we were done. Pushing ourselves to climb the 2 km uphill (since no taxi was willing to go such a short distance), we were ready to

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Miradouros – The 7 best views in Lisbon, Portugal

The best views in Lisbon aren’t from some remote building where you sneak past the guards or enter a museum to find that perfect window located on the 4th floor. Neither are they world famous monuments with pricey tickets, long queues, and people jostling for that spot from where they can take the perfect selfie. Sadly, some of our favourite views of Paris are guilty of these. But Lisbon, has an

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