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Top 10 Things to Do in Gdansk with the Gdansk Card

Sitting here and telling you about the Top 10 Things to Do in Gdansk feels rather odd, because up until 2 months ago, I hadn’t even heard of Gdansk. Which is shameful, considering this is where World War II began. The German Nazis attacked the Polish naval depot of Westerplatte, just outside the free city of Danzig (as Gdansk was known back in 1939).   Quick history lesson: Middle Ages: It

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Mercato Restaurant Hilton, Gdansk – Eating our way through the old trade route in style

Mercato Restaurant, sounded like a strange name for a restaurant in Gdansk. While Gdansk is known for its sea food, I most certainly wasn’t aware of any Spanish connections apart from the regular trade route ones. So I was most intrigued when we stepped in from the riverfront, and settled down in this elegant restaurant at the Hilton. Amidst the elegant grey, black and white (my favourite colours) interiors, and

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