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The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill Tour by City Wonders, Rome

Driving around Rome, we got a sense of the ancient city that was once the centre of the civilised world almost immediately. Ruins lie exposed within archeological excavations almost everywhere. But the nowhere comes as close as the Roman Forum. This was literally the centre of the centre. The business, political and religious district. The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill Tour Via Sacra, Arch of Titus and Temple of Jupiter To get

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5 Must See Piazzas in Rome

There’s something wonderfully magical about the outdoors in Italy. No wonder then, that each evening brings out the crowds, all dressed up to see and be seen in squares across town. Historically, in Rome it was the forums where people came out to discuss religion, politics and economy but today these squares called Piazzas cater to a more fun environment – hanging out, eating gelato, watching buskers do their thing

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How to Avoid Museum Fatigue in Europe

Museum fatigue is that feeling of just walking through a museum, looking but not really seeing, as row after row of sculpture or painting just blurs and everything seems the same. Your legs drag behind you, your mind shuts down, and it becomes about as enjoyable as having a tooth extracted. As travellers who enjoy the cultural aspects of travel, discovering art is such an integral part of every trip we

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Colosseum Underground Tour by City Wonders, Rome

The Colosseum Underground Tour by City Wonders was by far one of the best decisions we made on our stay in Rome. A guided tour of a historic site isn’t always our favourite way to see someplace. We prefer to take our time, referring to an audioguide, guidebook, brochure or map as we do it. We’ve normally read up in advance, so we’ve got a bit of background information that helps

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