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Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore – The Florence Duomo

The Florence Duomo as the Florence Cathedral or Santa Maria del Fiore is more commonly known is by far the most iconic vista of Florence, showing up in nearly every picture postcard or image search of Florence. And for good reason. The cathedral, an ambitious plan for its time, sat dome-less for over a 100 years because they simply did not have the technology to build such a large dome at

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Riva Lofts, Florence – The countryside in the city

Riva Lofts, Florence. A beautiful set of lofts south of the Arno in a quieter part of the city, this was an absolute gem of a find. We love slow travel, unfortunately as travel bloggers there are times when keeping up with the million things we have to do makes us zip at high speed. So we were thankful for this chance to spend some downtime recharging our batteries at

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Colosseum Underground Tour by City Wonders, Rome

The Colosseum Underground Tour by City Wonders was by far one of the best decisions we made on our stay in Rome. A guided tour of a historic site isn’t always our favourite way to see someplace. We prefer to take our time, referring to an audioguide, guidebook, brochure or map as we do it. We’ve normally read up in advance, so we’ve got a bit of background information that helps

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Residenza Johanna I, Florence – Old suite charm!

The Residenza Johanna I. Nothing could have been better for our first night in Italy. This charming set of suites in Northern Florence, didn’t feel like a hotel but like being guests at a local’s lavish home as it sat in a beautiful residential building. Residenza Johanna I, Florence The Residenza Johanna I featured several suites, all with attached bathrooms and elegant fittings. Pushing the buzzer on the gate, and

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