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A Disturbing Visit to the Museum of Torture Montepulciano, Italy

Museo del Tortura. Museum of Torture Montepulciano. We chanced upon a sign in a little street just off the main Piazza while walking through the tiny little Tuscan town of Montepulciano. It started pouring, and we popped in for shelter, but to be honest, we were also a little intrigued. If you’re easily disturbed, I would strongly suggest you DON’T read further. (I can’t believe we’re literally telling our readers

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Don’t Just Drive Through Tuscany – Secrets from our experience

If it’s a trip to Italy that’s on your mind, a drive through Tuscany probably ranks pretty high on the list of things you want to do. And sure enough, when we were planning our trip, we were both very sure we wanted to drive through the little hills and villages we’d seen during our research. We later discovered that there’s little that actually matches the experience of discovering these magical hill

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The Most Magical Hill Towns in Tuscany

Tuscany. Cypress trees lining winding driveways that ascend mossy velvet slopes leading to sumptuous wine cellars, where you can sip the wine as you look out on the vineyard it came from. If that’s the only picture you have of Tuscany, you’re in for a surprise! Embedded across the region’s hilly landscape, you’ll find delightful towns that still revel in their medieval splendour. Car-free zones, steep and narrow cobbled lanes, red

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